Stephen Fry's tweets become a work of art

200x190.jpgAn artist is using the Twitter updates of Stephen Fry as the subject for his latest work.

Morgan Ritchie is taking 100 tweets by @stephenfry and creating an illustration for each one, the images which are then displayed on his website.

The project "100 Days Of Fry" will continue take one update per day, until the 9th September.

Ritchie says the work is a test of his visual story-telling abilities and that he picked Stephen Fry because his tweets are "descriptive, funny and witty".

It is a good job he didn't pick my tweets, there are only so many drawing one man can do of someone sat at a computer drinking coffee.
200x190.jpgSo far selected tweets include "Had a marvellous time today at the Royal Society. Dizzy with joy at handling Newton’s notebooks and 1st ed of Micrographia. Heaven …" and "A QI recording day today, but lots to be done between then and now. And for some reason coffee tastes foul this morning. Shall move to tea."

23-year-old Rictie - who is based in Edinburgh - said: "The idea for the project came about by realising how Twitter is used in many different ways. Illustrating someone’s tweets seemed like a natural thing to do as they essentially form a narrative structure.

"Stephen Fry was an obvious choice. He is a great person to follow not just because of his celebrity status, but also because he tweets on such a regular basis.

"As an artist, his tweets are a gift to illustrate. They are descriptive, funny, witty, entertaining and often very silly.

"It’s a fantastic challenge to take on the task of visualizing one hundred days of tweets, with such a short deadline between each drawing. It is also a lot of fun inventing images for the days where he doesn’t tweet at all."
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