The national deputy Christian Castillo spoke this afternoon in the commission of Deputies that discusses the Bases Law to denounce the scandal surrounding the legislative treatment. He began by remembering what the approval of the labor flexibility law was like in 2000, surrounded by the clandestine luggage scandal, the “Banelco Law”, which allowed it and ended with the resignation of Chacho Álvarez.

Regarding the Bases Law and the recent debates in Congress, Castillo noted: “We saw more scandalous scenes on June 12 than that one. In the Senate of the Nation, a senator who argued against the law, more than enough, nevertheless sat down and Senator Lousteau gave a quorum. Two other senators, from Santa Cruz, who did not have a quorum, who voted against the law in general, at the time of the vote in particular allowed the approval of the powers. delegates, privatizations, State reforms.”

And he added that: “The senator from Neuquén, Lucila Crexell, who had voted for the annulment of the DNU, without her face falling with shame and after having been denounced in the Courts for article 256 of the Penal Code”, who proceeded to read in full, to highlight that due to the fact that he had obtained a public appointment in his favor, moments before the vote in the Senate, he should conclude by inhibiting himself from voting on the issue. To this he added the votes of Kueider and Espínola, describing them as “votes for the purchase of wills”, and that the system is being established that in exchange for a position as a personal favor, the votes are changed.

Castillo stressed that for these personal favors they give up the country’s natural resources, the right to compensation for workers, or the increase in precariousness. However, Castillo stated that “it is not just about those who carried out the corrupt practice, but about those who are going to endorse this corrupt practice, who should no longer talk about complaints of corruption if they endorse this corrupt practice of buying votes.”



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