With La Libertad Avanza (LLA) the businessmen and the caste are celebrating. With the diet of the senators, who doubled their salaries and more, it once again became clear that the “anti-caste” discourse of the ruling party was purely electoral demagoguery. Victoria Villarruel, who had already made clear her position in favor of the increase in an interview with Jonatan Viale, justified the increase by ensuring that it is “absolutely legal” and Bruno Olivera, senator from the ruling bloc, signed the project so that it reaches the chamber although later he pointed out: “I was wrong.”

The pretext for the “error” is the same one that Milei had used in March, when he self-increased his salary to 6 million and then had to back down due to the significant media impact it generated. What she doesn’t say, after reversing, is that He also earns more than 4 million pesos per month. We are talking about the equivalent of nothing less than 17 minimum retirements.

Now, faced with the embarrassing decision of the senators, Milei takes advantage and criticizes from his social networks, ensuring that his bloc voted against, although the signature of Senator Olivera of LLA is there to deny it.

Milei takes the opportunity to demagogue and publicly say that he is against the increase, only because the measure is a blow to the kidney of his story. If La Libertad Avanza was really against the increase, its 7 senators would have said something against it at the time of its treatment. If the ruling party was opposed to the privileges of the caste, Manuel Adorni would not have responded so lightly that the increase he received for his “promotion” to almost 5 million pesos per month was “a minor difference.”

Faced with the brutal adjustments it has been making, Milei seeks to maintain the “anti-caste” narrative and build enemies that will serve to justify its hunger policies. But the reality is that under his government the caste and the big businessmen are celebrating. And while he insists on pointing the finger at others, he maintains his privileges by collecting his millionaire salary, something very far from the reality of any worker.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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