According to prominent crypto influencer ‘VeChain Whale’, VeChain (VET) is about to experience a significant increase in value. He makes this prediction despite the currently moderate price development of the cryptocurrency. ‘VeChain Whale’ states that the current slow growth is part of a deliberate strategy by the VeChain team.

In a recent post he emphasized that the current “snail pace” at which VET is moving is only a temporary phase. He predicts that token holders will soon benefit from a “parabolic rise” in value.

The influencer also notes that the VeChain team’s cautious approach stems in part from fears of strict regulation by regulators, including the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The enormous potential of VeChain

In addition to VeChain Whale’s positive predictions, leading crypto analysts have also expressed optimism about VET’s potential. Among them are EGRAG Crypto, a well-known figure in crypto analysis, and Crypto ZX, a popular YouTuber specialized in cryptocurrency. Both have shared optimistic analysis on VeChain.

EGRAG believes that VeChain has significant growth potential. This vision is supported, among other things, by the successful partnerships that VeChain has set up, including with Walmart China. This partnership has already resulted in more than 200 million transactions processed.

Furthermore, the VeChain token has experienced exceptional increases in value in the past, growing around 6,000% in 2019 and an impressive 14,600% in 2021.

Crypto ZX states that VET could reach new all-time highs within the current cycle. However, at the time of this writing, the digital currency is still 82% below its most recent peak.

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