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On Sunday March 24th It will not be another anniversary of the genocidal coup of 1976. The same social class that engineered it 48 years ago has decided to “celebrate” the occasion by perpetrating through the government of Javier Miley a new historic offensive on the working class and the popular majoritiesto finish sweeping away all the workers’ conquests that still remain, make a leap in the pulverization of salaries and pensions and convert the Argentina in a sort of Yankee colony for a fewviolating the most basic democratic freedoms.

He denial of the 30,000 disappeared detainees that they proclaim mercy and the vice Victoria Villarruelit is actually an open justification of crimes of a dictatorship that came to impose a war plan against working people, of the same character and social content as the current “chainsaw-blender” plan. Companies like Techintone of the main business groups that benefited most from the hunger and looting plan of mercyalready had clandestine detention and torture centers in the facilities of their manufacturing plants in 1975, as did Acindar, Ford and so many other “benefactors of humanity”, as he said mercy in Davos.

It is more than evident that on this 24th there is no shortage of reasons for a historic and massive mobilization to take place in the May Plaza and in all the squares of the country, with the flag of our relatives, defeating in the streets the repressive protocol of Patricia Bullrich and the governors.

The EMVJ proposal

He Memory, Truth and Justice Meeting (EMVJ)a space independent of all governments that brings together former detainees in clandestine detention centers during the dictatorship and their families, with representation in human rights organizations, Serpaj, “Cachito Fuckman”, CeProDH, Call, Cadhuamong others, together with the left-wing parties, the combative piquetero movement, cultural and environmental groups, among others, defined the policy towards 24 “one place, two documents”.

The historical organizations that were directly linked to the Kirchnerist governments starting in 2004 (grandmothers, Mothers LF, CELS, Ligaetc.) refuse to accept that the EMVJ have your own document and this be read in the Plaza. In the second meeting we had, they even proposed that we try to achieve a single document, something that cannot happen if the EMVJ wants to maintain its essence of space totally independent of governments and the State. I’ll explain why.

The best tribute we can pay to our 30,000 is to take their fighting flags. Specifically, today that means prepare the conditions to definitively defeat the war plan of Milei, the big bourgeoisie and the IMFthe same social forces that organized the genocidal massacre and kidnapped our families 48 years ago.

The different Peronist currents that usually participate in the march on the 24th together with the historical organizations are against criticizing and denouncing the union bureaucracy that, after the strike on January 24, was completely erased from the streets leaving precious time for the tsunami that is crushing working families to run its course. They are against raising as a central slogan the need for a general active strikelet it be the beginning of a real fighting plan until defeating the policies of this government of hunger, surrender and repression.

They refuse to question the role of governors who claim to be opponentswhich far from being a progressive alternative for the popular majorities are all adjusting to the adjustment against the peoplewithin the framework of the reign of FMI that none of those leaders question. All governors, including Axel Kicillofagree that we must honor in one way or another the fraudulent external debt that had its jump, precisely, from the genocidal dictatorship and that is why it has been a historic claim of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo and many organizations, after the dictatorship ended.

On the contrary, the EMVJ maintains that it is necessary repudiate the debt y break with the IMFa basic measure to embark on a path favorable to the interests of the workers and the people.

It is evident that The “Milei phenomenon” was not born from a cabbage. The previous government, which subordinated itself to the mandate of FMI, deepened the inequality and the drop in salaries and retirements that the Macri regime began. They increased job insecurity to historic levels in the face of the astonishing passivity of all wings of the union leadership. They repressed with the repressor Sergio Berni to the most humble families like in Guernica. His repressive forces disappeared and killed Facundo Astudillo Castro already Luis Espinoza. They created the conditions for the emergence of this denialist extreme righteven supported by popular sectors that previously supported Kirchnerism.

These are some of the main axes of a document that will begin to be drafted next week. A document that we are going to read in the Plaza on March 24. Given the closed refusal that we can read our document in a common event, perhaps it is raised one march and two actssomething we will see how to achieve in the coming weeks.

Our proposal is very clear, we do not want a March 24 with censorship.

There are small groups in EMVJ who maintain that the only way to demonstrate the total political independence of the space is by holding a separate ranch, another act, at another different time in which tens of thousands of people have been mobilized for almost 30 years, often with their families and neighbors. , which do not fit into any social or political organization. A sectarian errorwhich would imply letting those tens of thousands of protesters only be able to listen to the document or the speakers of the organizations that today continue to be in communion with Peronism, a political and union current that is giving precious time to the government of mercy to continue deepening a plan that fully represents the interests of those who promoted the genocidal coup.

On the 24th everyone to the Plaza

We prepare for May March 24 become a great day of national struggle. In tribute to our missing relatives and detained colleagues. Below the protocol of Patricia Bullrich. Active strike now and fight plan until defeating the plan mercythe large economic groups and the FMI. No to the adjustment of the governors. No to payment of debt, break with the IMF. We do not forget, we do not forgive, we do not reconcile. Common, perpetual and effective prison for all genocidal perpetrators. Restitution of the identity of all appropriate children. Opening of the archives from ’74 to ’83.

30,000 missing comrades, present!


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