Milei’s Government will be 3 months old. We know what the majority of us are suffering: uncontrolled inflation, salaries and pensions that are not enough, and projects for more chainsaws and laws in favor of great economic power.

But what is happening with Peronism in the opposition? I’ll tell you 5 keys to why they are not an option against Milei and some proposals on how to confront the government.

1- One of the biggest favors that Peronism did for Milei was the disaster that Alberto, Massa and Cristina left behind, with around 45% poverty, falling salaries and one of the highest inflations in the world. Today Milei takes advantage of this “inheritance received” to deceive by asking for patience while applying a “shock” plan in favor of the powerful.

2- The union leaders of Peronism. The CGT and the CTA called a partial strike on January 24 and then did not continue it. Today there are different sectors that are in struggle, but this sold-out leadership divides and delays the call for a new general strike and a true plan of struggle, leaving those laid off, those who lose against inflation and not to mention the precarious. and informal. Some social movements – such as those led by Grabois – are also not up to the task of seriously confronting the government’s attack that is hitting the poorest hard.

3- If we talk about Cristina Kirchner, she was silent for more than two months and when she appeared, she did so with a very long letter. I’ll summarize it like this: behind many complaints against Milei, he makes some proposals to adapt to the new times, how? Accepting to discuss labor reform, privatizations, an agreement in Congress with the conciliatory blocs and attacking the teacher strikes. This among other things like denouncing the debt but continuing to pay it, as they did in her government.

4- And the rest of the Peronist leaders? Daniel Scioli made it short: he joined Milei as an official supporting adjustment and structural reforms. Del Caño was right since 2015. Alberto Fernández was in Europe all summer and very quiet. Well, who cares what Alberto says. Nothing is known about Massa, who got 44% in the ballot… other than that he is working for a Yankee vulture fund. And the governors? Axel Kicillof and others, beyond their words, are applying the adjustment that is seen, for example, in school cafeterias, or in teachers and state employees who receive downward parities. Others, like Jalil from Tucumán, have already agreed everything with Milei.

The leaders of Peronism are speculating on returning to the government at some point to manage the ruins that remain. They speculate while Milei plunges us into poverty. They already did it during the Macri government – for which Massa voted for all the laws.

The good news is that there are thousands of people who are organizing. In popular assemblies, in different unions, the women’s movement or student youth. Even people who voted for the Frente de Todos are organizing, despite their leaders. The left is the main driver of all this and the one that was at the forefront of confronting the Bullrich protocol, the DNU and the Omnibus Law in Congress and in the streets. We propose to strengthen this entire force from below, also to mark the field for the bureaucrats and impose a serious plan of struggle on them, because the working class is millions of people who have enormous strength to defeat Milei’s plans.

In the next few days I followed La Izquierda Diario, because we are going to tell you more about the proposals of the left against the May Pact that Milei launched. Because it is about fighting, as we are going to do these days by marching on March 8 and 24 and supporting fights like those in Télam or GPS, but also about building another left-wing and socialist alternative that is another radically different solution to the disaster of the last years.


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