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This Friday, during an act in San Fernando, Economy Minister Sergio Massa took advantage of the cameras to strengthen the idea of ​​his presidential candidacy, without saying so. In some of the phrases he launched, he stood out “When we had to grab the hot potato, we took charge.” In this way, she took the glove left by the vice president during the interview the day before on the C5N channel.when he defended Massa’s management and pointed out that he had grabbed a “hot potato” (referring to the delicate economic situation generated by the pact with the IMF).

As part of that purpose of capitalizing on Cristina’s gesture, she also pointed, without mentioning, within Peronism and against the PASOwhen talking about those who “today walk through the channels talking vainly about candidacies but before they got under the bed”.

But what stood out was the reference he made to Javier Milei. He pointed to his dollarization proposal to oppose a supposed “development and work” plan. Massa’s decision to “get into the ring” to the libertarian, replicates what Cristina Kirchner and Alberto Fernández have already done.

While the president referred to the liberal economist publicly for the first time at the end of March, the vice president did so during the act in La Plata almost a month later, also speaking against dollarization and the consequences of the measures applied during the ’90s by the menemism; model of which she, despite repeatedly omitting it, was part of it together with Nestor Kirchner.

In fact, a dollarization of the economy would imply a brutal blow to the income of the working majority and, at the same time, serious consequences for the already decimated economy. For this reason, after inflating his figure and showing him around in the media, the establishment now lowers his thumb and tries to encapsulate him.

However, the truth is that proposals of this type are based on a real situation, which is the shortage of foreign currency that Argentina has historically experienced.the so-called external restriction, a consequence of various issues, such as the strongly primary nature of the economy, its foreignization and capital flight, among others.

But the truth is that neither Massa, Cristina or Alberto have a program designed to lay the foundations to reverse this structural problem., but rather the opposite, continuing the agreement with the IMF, the main cause of the current bleeding of currencies, and the primarization of the economy together with extractivism. mFundamental measures such as the nationalization of the banking system and foreign trade in the hands of the workers, become essential to protect national savings and prevent capital flight.

Plunged into a historic crisis, a product of the management of the Frente de Todos, which continued the economic work of macrismo, Peronism, at the same time that it is going through its internship for the candidacies, views the panorama of August with concern. It is before this scenario that both Cristina, Massa and Alberto, they intend to polarize with Milei to offer themselves as the “lesser evil” before the libertarian cuckoo. An ever-growing lesser evil.

This afternoon after that public act in San Fernando, he gathered his entire troop in the same town policy to lay the foundations for the Congress of the Renovation Front to be held on June 10. TOThere he launched messages against the PASO and asking for “generosity” to define the candidacies of Peronism. Massa speaks of “a generosity” that is channeled into his unique candidacy…

Although he does not explicitly say that he wants to be a candidate, he does not stop giving signs in that sense, attacking the idea of ​​a PASO and, as in this case, showing political volume before the rest of Peronism.

Next May 25 Cristina will speak in Plaza de Mayo on the 20th anniversary of the inauguration of Nestor Kirchner. Some kind of definition is expected there on her support for some of the FDT figures who aspire to compete in the presidential elections. Massa, De Pedro, await that possible blessing.


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