Russian President Vladimir Putin
Photo: reproduction

By Francisco Teixeira, professor of Contemporary History at UFRJ and author (with Karl Schurster) of the book ‘A República Sitiada’ and of the ‘Dicionário de História Militar do Brasil’

The Russian Federation today declared, in President Putin’s annual speech, the “freeze” of Russian participation in the New START Agreement (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty).

What is not said in Western media:

  1. The non-participation and counting of missiles and nuclear warheads of the United Kingdom and France, which target the Russian Federation;
  2. Refusal of a NATO commitment not to participate in Russia surveys (it is an anti-Russian alliance);
  3. The denial of any US commitment not to provide third parties – namely Ukraine – with the location of Russian nuclear facilities.

Faced with the denials of the Biden government, Russia “freezes” its participation in New START. And the world becomes a more dangerous place.

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