Daniel Scioli He had already said on Tomás Rebord’s show that Javier Milei “will have to be given the Nobel Prize in Economics.” Apparently the president was smitten with the compliment and on the same day that the increase in unemployment in the country was announced, Milei said that he could be “given a Nobel Prize.”

This Friday, the current Secretary of Tourism, Environment and Sportcontinued with his absurd tactic of flattering Milei. “When you were a goalkeeper, you were recognized for your vigor, for your intensity. Now it’s your turn to stop everything that’s thrown at you, like the drawing last night“. Of course Javier Milei loved the compliment. It is a pity that the president’s entire administration has been goals against the working people and the popular majorities..

In recent weeks, various economic and social indicators have emerged that show the disaster of Mileísta’s management. The GINI coefficient, which measures social inequality, is the highest since 2008, and is even worse than during the hardest moments of the pandemic. And poverty has already climbed to 55% of the population. On the other hand, unemployment is increasing, not only in the public sector where the Government has been indiscriminately laying off workers; but also in the private sector, as a result of the economic recession that the government itself generates with its adjustment policies.

This past week, after Javier Milei achieved the approval of the Ley de Bases, through bribes, “the markets” continued to push the dollar up. There is a combination of large soybean entrepreneurs and demands from the IMF, which push for a devaluation of the currency.

The praises of the former presidential candidate of Peronism in 2015 have no meaning other than to maintain the good relationship between Daniel Scioli and the president, in order to keep his political position. Scioli is not alone, there are 1,867 officials from the previous government who remain in office today. In addition, the help that Peronism has been providing to Milei’s governability is invaluable. On the one hand, from union leaders, who contain the deployment of forceful plans of struggle to stop the goals against, such as the labor and State reform that was passed with the Ley de Bases. And on the other hand, with the votes lent to approve the same law, after personal benefits offered by the Government, or due to business calculations by legislators from mining provinces regarding the RIGI.

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