This first of March Milei will speak before the Legislative Assembly. There are expectations about his speech and possible announcements. It is possible that he will once again show himself “accelerating against everyone,” as part of a strategy that Fernando Scolnik analyzes here.

But millions will turn their backs on the national chain. Or they will let out an insult every now and then. Those who will surely watch it on TV are the leaders of the CGT. In previous legislative assemblies they had their seats next to ministers and judges. It seems that this Friday they will not be there. But that’s not the news. The news is that they will not be outside either. Neither in the protests that are expected in the Congress area, nor in the banging of pots and pans that will come later.

They will surely make spicy tweets or statements on the radio the next morning. Because Milei comes shooting with a chainsaw and the CGT does not raise its guard. That ends badly. Because there are plenty of reasons to stand on your hands.

One: The working class suffered an unprecedented robbery in its pockets. As we say in this note, the wage bill that we lost in the month of December alone was 1.3 billion pesos. Only in a month. Of the: the crisis generates a million new poor people per month. In her limitless perversity, Milei speculates whether the grandparents or the girls are poorer. Three: The drop in the consumption of food and medicine, basic things if they exist, confirms that we are facing a criminal plan that starves and sickens millions. Four: the joint ventures that depend on the State have been declining. State, teachers, health, railways. The governors, including the Peronists, signed up for that. Cinco: Layoffs begin in many branches affected by the recession or where employers seek to “discipline”: nearly 100,000 in Construction, in Topper and other footwear factories, in the outsourced companies of Airlines, Bridgestone, among many. Suspensions are also advancing in steel companies such as Acindar and large automotive companies. Six: The privatization plan is still in place, with its sights set on Aerolíneas Argentinas, the public media, ARSAT and the trains. Closings, layoffs and the shadow of the ’90s. Seven: They also attack the most precarious sectors. The Cheta ministers, once again, do not send food to the canteens and they take the Enhance Work from them but without genuine work alternatives. Ocho: Retirees have the bread taken directly out of their mouths. In April they want to liquidate 30% of their assets with the “new formula” and they want to pass them on to a sector to “plan beneficiaries.” Nine: The “middle classes” are also being ruined and put into debt and the imminent tariffs are going to leave them in the dark. Diez: The DNU is suspended and the Omnibus Law suffered its first defeat. But Milei has already said that he will once again insist on imposing a labor reform by law that will be tied to the criminalization of strikes and protests.

The CGT stopped… and then it stopped

We could continue. But he understands: There are plenty of reasons for the CGT and the CTA, and their unions, to call for a forceful, unitary measure of force. The strike on 24E was impacted by the anger that was expressed from below more than by the forcefulness of the “official” day. But Milei remained packed and the CGT stopped. Or rather they seem to have chosen another strategy: “support each sector that comes into conflict,” as the Cegetista leaders said. Some called him “guerrilla warfare”, although it has little of “war”. “Support” the strike of railway or aeronautical workers. “Express solidarity” with teaching. “Ask for a solution” for the claim of the Patagonian fishing vessels. And so.

Isolated conflicts that show the potential of a class that can paralyze land or air transport, but whose forces are used in a shy and corporate. That is why they have not managed, until now, to even win any of those battles. It is logical. The national government and big businessmen hit hard and have unity of criteria.

If one measures it by results, the Cegetist strategy is a disaster. Less salary, less work, less food, more exploitation. Above, he offers his services to political Peronism and governors of any political color.who pay him with the same currency as Milei, although in other amounts: lower parities, higher rates, layoffs and even attacks on the right to strike.

The strike is not for sale

March is going to be hot. Milei’s war plan will take a new leap. Nobody doubts it. Neither does the CGT. Are they going to continue down the same path? Even when? Until we earn the worst salaries in Latin America? Until the kids die of hunger? Until the grandparents faint on hospital wards? Are they going to tell us again that “there is 2027”? Look, no one believes you.

If they do not want to be complicit in the “worst government in history” they have to leave the truce. If they call assemblies in workplaces and unionsmillions of workers will be able to begin to discuss how to confront the attacks, show their anger and their strength. There, for example, the call for a 36-hour general strike could be discussed. that starts with a massive mobilization, with pickets, together with social organizations, student centers and popular assemblies. And then a total paralysis of the country to discuss who runs the country.

The PTS and its classist groups support each conflict, participate and join neighborhood assemblies, but they also promote a pole of the combative sectors to impose on the unions and centrals a plan of struggle until defeating the “chainsaw plan”. Join the military with us for this outing.


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