Bitcoin ($BTC) inflows have whetted investors’ appetite for future Ethereum ($ETH) ETF inflows. $ETH has fundamentally better monetary policy and has been in deflation since the September 2022 meltdown. But cryptocurrency investors always try to make the most of every trade and now the race is on to find the best $ETH beta of this cycle.

$ETH betas behave in an aligned manner, but with a multiplier. The classic examples are the scalable solutions and the native small caps of Ethereum.

Which cryptocurrencies to buy now? The answer should be obvious. Arbitrum ($ARB), Optimism ($OP), and Polygon ($MATIC). Which Layer 2 will prevail? Beta underdog Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) will succeed to steal GameFi’s crown?

The race to layer 2: $ARB, $OP and $MATIC

Ethereum’s Dencun update is coming to the mainnet next month and the main innovation is the EIP-4844. This update creates a new transaction type known as a blob. Blobs are designed explicitly for rollups and will give them cheaper data availability. Simply put, DA costs (the primary cost for rollup providers) will be reduced by orders of magnitude. This will result in a massive reduction in tariffs for end users.

Who will be the biggest net beneficiary of this upgrade? Arbitrum has consolidated its position as the dominant layer 2 from a TVL and operations perspective. It has the richest ecosystem, and when it comes to $ETH leaving centralized exchanges and heading to DeFi, Arbitrum is huge. It has over $5 billion on its network, while Optimism, its closest competitor, only has $1.2 billion. In cryptocurrency, network effects have oversized effects and the Dencun update will strengthen the value proposition of $ARB and $OP for end users.

And what about Polygon? Despite being one of the top cryptocurrencies to invest in during the last bull run, it has significantly underperformed its rivals this year. Polygon’s zkEVM chain will benefit from Dencun, but not the main PoS Matic chain. The Polygon team has done a fantastic job in the ZK rollup space, but their efforts have been uncoordinated and the narrative isn’t ready yet. Which cryptocurrencies to buy now for $ETH beta? The answer is $ARB and $OP.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) steals GameFi’s crown

Galaxy Fox is the $ETH beta workhorse, and this small-cap has one-of-a-kind upside potential. The growing cohesion of GameFi mobile apps has fueled its rally, and investors are realizing that the blockchain-based games that succeed in this cycle will be simple mobile app-like games.

The heart of this ecosystem is an endless runner reminiscent of Temple Run, but which, in classic Web3 style, comes with financial incentives. Galaxy Fox gives out prizes at the end of each season and anyone who places in the top 20% of the leaderboard wins prizes exchangeable for GFOX tokens. NFT functionality has been integrated and those who own an item from Galaxy Fox’s NFT collection gain unique benefits in the game.

Turning gaming skill into real money is a value proposition that Web2 applications can’t compete with. Additionally, the Galaxy Fox ecosystem offers numerous earning opportunities. The Stargate module channels payments to stakers; these rewards are in line with the activity of the ecosystem. More growth means bigger payouts, and owning $GFOX resembles stakeholder status.

Token burn periodically removes tokens from circulation, ensuring a deflationary nature, and $GFOX’s memecoin shell gives it the explosive upside potential that is highlighted during bullish sentiment. The presale has already raised over $3.5 million and $GFOX is one of the top 5 cryptocurrencies to buy now, for investors focusing on GameFi, Ethereum and memecoin.

Conclusion: $ETH-Beta trading is in full swing

Ethereum beta trading is starting and investors don’t want to be a laggard. What are the cryptocurrencies to buy now? $ARB and $OP are well ahead of $MATIC, while $GFOX is the underrated one on its way to taking GameFi’s crown.

There’s never been a better time to buy Galaxy Fox, and with pre-sale already at 92%, the opportunity to become an early adopter is dwindling fast. Want to back an underdog this cycle? Join the $GFOX presale today.

Find out more about $GFOX here:

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