The PP candidate in Extremadura, María Guardiola, considers the negotiations with Vox broken and is willing to run again in the elections: “We will go to the elections if we have to go.” In a tone of blowing up bridges with the far-right formation, Guardiola has criticized the “obsolete” measures proposed by Abascal’s party.

The PP tried an agreement until late on Monday. To the offer that the Assembly of Extremadura be chaired by a member of Vox, he added a secretary of the Chamber and that the senator by autonomous designation be from the ultra party. But for Vox it was not enough either because they insist on a right-wing coalition government to ensure compliance with the investiture agreement, despite the fact that the proposals that both formations exchanged throughout the day on Monday are very similar and some measures they are even identical.

The lack of agreement has been staged in the constitution plenary session of the Assembly, where Vox has been left without representation at the Table and the Presidency has gone to the PSOE candidate, Blanca Martín, who in a second round and with a simple majority thanks to the votes of United for Extremadura (UPE), has been the most voted. In this way, there is a majority of the left at the Table: three members of the PSOE -including the president-, two of the PP and one of UPE.

After the session, Guardiola has harshly attacked Vox, whom he has accused of “lust for power” and “arrogance”, and has even gone so far as to say that they are “incapable of looking beyond their own navel”. He has also affirmed that the measures proposed by the extreme right are “obsolete”, that they seek the “easy applause of their own”, but that the PP from Extremadura will not enter into “cultural battles that have been overcome”: “Vox does not want change”, he has affirmed in statements to the media after the plenary session.

The PP candidate recalled that she got 28 deputies on 28M, like the PSOE, which was nevertheless the list with the most votes, and Vox won five seats, for which reason Guardiola has offered in the negotiation “a role appropriate to its results ”, and what happens by “supporting the PP and not the other way around”, he explained.

“My word and my work are my patrimony. Things are not said just for saying and promises are to be fulfilled”, he stated to remember that at all times he promised to form an Executive that would leave out the ultras, even if to do so he had to govern in a minority. This has been one of the obstacles to an understanding of the right-wing bloc in Extremadura, as Vox number two, Jorge Buxadé, has reiterated, who has traveled to Mérida to attend the constitution of the Assembly and witness the fracture with the PP in the community.

“Remote-controlled” negotiation from Madrid

Buxadé, who advanced five minutes before the plenary session due to the lack of understanding, also described as “unacceptable” the red lines that Guardiola has put on the table at all times to negotiate with Vox, and this Tuesday he has insisted on all of them again: ” I cannot let into the Government those who deny sexist violence, dehumanize immigrants or unfurl a canvas to throw the LGTBI flag into a bin”.

The PP candidate has criticized the presence of Buxadé, whom she has said is the “foreman of the feudal lord” who has come to Extremadura. In her opinion, the Vox negotiation has been “remote-controlled” from Madrid, and it is that “they don’t care about us at all.” “He has appeared – alluding to Buxadé – to tell Extremadurans what we have or not to do. It seems to me a shame and the people of Extremadura do not deserve this embarrassment”, Guardiola added.

Prior to these statements, Vox has continued with the “outstretched hand” of the PP to try an investiture agreement, but it has also blamed Guardiola’s party for the lack of consensus that has caused the Presidency of the regional Chamber to finally fall to the socialist Blanca Martín,

Buxadé has insisted that his training is “essential” to build an alternative to the left, but has warned that they will not accept “gifts or blackmail.” It has happened that at the same time that the vote was taken in Extremadura, “in the Parliament of the Balearic Islands our colleague Gabriel Le Senne was appointed president with the votes of the PP”, he has pointed out. Despite this, the number two of Vox has assured that they will remain waiting for “the PP to attend to reality and decide to resume the negotiation in terms of moderation, balance and common sense in the interest of the people of Extremadura”.

For the regional leader of the ultra formation, Ángel Pelayo Gordillo, what happened in the Assembly “is what happens when stubborn positions are maintained” and he has regretted that Guardiola has submitted to the “dictates of Genoa.”


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