Asked about the national strike this day, the national deputy for the Left Front stated that “it was a very important mobilization, with contingents organized on the one hand but also many loose people, where along with the columns of the unions were the social movements, cultural sectors, popular assemblies that are emerging in the City of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires. This was repeated throughout the country, so it is a very important first fact of the resistance of the entire working class to the DNU, the Omnibus Law and the entire Milei plan that is taking a very heavy toll on the popular pocket and that “It’s going to get worse with the next increases.”

Castillo added that today’s mobilization is “also a repudiation of all those who will want to vote for this law. That is why, in our opinion, we must prepare for the continuity of the mobilization on Tuesday if the session is confirmed because truly what we saw yesterday in the plenary session of commissions is an embarrassing fact, they did not have the signatures and suddenly some appeared, in what was renamed the Savoy law, after the hotel where they did all the negotiations, buying wills. On top of that it seems that they signed a blank opinion. This is the first time I have seen that a ruling has more dissenting signatures than the official one and on top of that they change the text later. “What they are doing is a little loose.”

“Let us remind the population that in that ruling that they want to approve on Tuesday, an absolute monarchy is established for one year with a one-year renewal. The delegated powers. A brutal adjustment for retirees. The handover of public companies, the privatization of the entire electoral system (the state no longer finances the ballots or free spaces, so only the opinions of the friends of the big businessmen will be known). And the establishment of a police state based on the changes they want to make in the penal system, which would imply that neighbors who protest a power outage in the summer will be treated as criminals, or those who protest a femicide. It also incorporates large deals such as the large investment regime that is a scandal, where for 30 years they do not pay anything and they take the personal property tax from the 10,000 richest in the country and then they tell you that there is no money.

Christian Castillo stated that “the method of extortion is used by all governments. ‘It’s the IMF or chaos,’ said the previous government. Milei has the peculiarity that she trashes those she needs the votes of, she treats them as useful idiots, coimeros. The others do not have the slightest self-esteem and act as doormats. It reminds me of the Banelco law.” Around this point he denounced the role of the Peronist deputies linked to Jaldo who finally signed the opinion in favor of the Government and are preparing to vote along those lines when it is discussed in the chamber. In that vein he harshly commented that “yesterday they were distributing the Retirees’ Sustainability Guarantee Fund. Their fight was ‘you give me a little bit, a little bit for you.’ It’s a shame. The fight they have with Pichetto now is about withholdings from large producers, it is not about the income of retirees or the police state that they want to impose.”

“Milei wants to establish, on the one hand, a very authoritarian and repressive state in order to sustain a brutal transfer of income that is already taking place, from workers and retirees to the most concentrated sectors. Do you know how much the salary fell in December? There are two studies: some say 13.8%, others say 20%. And to this we add the handing over of public companies to friends’ businesses and apart from the looting of natural common goods. That’s Milei’s scheme. Greater repression, not allowing you to demonstrate, license to kill the repressive forces, where there is easy triggering, not even your family members can sue you. And at the same time economic business for friends. People have to remember what happened in the 90’s. Not that it was a successful experiment. Now they want the same thing.”

Following the appointment of a man from Techint, from the Rocca, as head of YPF, the PTS leader pointed out: “The conflict of interests that exists in everything this Government does is so obscene that I insist that the people He is going to collect it from everyone who raises their hand. “The people are not going to forget that everyone who raises their hand is taking money out of the pockets of retirees.”

Asked about who this law benefits, “Chipi” Castillo was blunt: “Each article of the law and the DNU has a name and surname, made by an economic group. It’s how Milei thinks of the world, where a small group of monopolies controls everything. It’s not that he is thinking of the small businessman or the entrepreneur. Milei is benefiting the large monopolies in each branch. As for example in the case of hydrocarbons, where these do not have to have internal self-sufficiency as their goal, but rather focus on profitability and export. “There can be nonsense where Argentina exports but is not able to cover the internal market.”

Finally, he stated that “Milei defrauded his popular electorate, he said he came to pulverize inflation and in the first month he doubled it and a little more. It is true, part of this inflation is the responsibility of the Government of Alberto Fernández who is leaving, but the liberation of the price of medicines, fuel, food and the 118% devaluation is entirely the work of Milei and Caputo and is not something that was imposed on them and today it is feeling in the pocket. Hence, a part of Milei’s voters feel quite disappointed. Because in the gondola they don’t ask you who you voted for. You voted for Massa, for Milei, for Miriam, you have the same increases and that is what is being felt today in the popular pocket.”


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