“I experienced the mobilization with enormous emotion. The number of families there were, friends who met, was exciting. There was a need to go out into the streets,” he declared. Myriam Bregman this noon in an interview conducted by Alejando Bercovich in Things Happened (Radio With You).

“There was a need to go out into the streets to denounce, obviously, what the civic-military coup was, what the genocide committed in our country was. But also that anger that had been accumulating because of the attack on the pocketbook, because of the high rates and because on top of that you can’t protest because Patricia Bullrich says that it is prohibited,” he said. Bregman. The left-wing deputy maintained that “when there is a call – as has happened on other occasions, for example on January 24 – there is support, it is not that everyone wants to stay at her house.”

Regarding the official video, Bercovich consulted “What do you think is the reason they released yesterday morning’s spot with the lies that were spread there? An attempt to provoke people to talk about it or pressure from Victoria Villarruel? “Someone you know well, from trials against humanity.”

Bregman responded: “Unfortunately yes. Those of us who have been fighting in this fight for many years have Victoria Villarruel well in mind. What happened yesterday may be a combination of several things. I think this government has been trying to wage a cultural battle, to change some criteria and opinions that were the majority in society and that had to do with repudiating the genocidal coup.”

And he added: “It was the product of many years of fight and persistence that we managed not only to annul the laws of obedience of life and full stop, and to tear down the pardons for the genocidaires. But also that there was a unanimous opinion on the events that occurred and on what the repression that launched the civic-military coup meant. But they come to try to change that, not because these ideas did not exist in society… but because they are now part of the governing force. With this video they tried that by choosing, I think, also some slightly strange examples.”

“He Tata Yofre “He is a sinister character,” he warned and told about the well-known connection with Carlos Alberto Martínez, the army intelligence man who was in charge of Side, “who was somewhat the one who planned all this that Villarruel is doing today.” Explaining that they planned the story to present that there were relatives of victims on both sides. Who also died unpunished, the deputy explained: “he was not tried for the more than 1,000 cases in which he was accused of having been in command of nothing more and nothing less than intelligence in Battalion 601.”

In the interview, other topics were discussed such as the attacks on a HIJOS activist and Teresa Laborde. Finally, Bregman emphasized the need to respond to this government’s attacks on the streets. “The attack on pockets continues, families that are being fired from public means, retirees are suffering. There is a huge attack, it is time to draw good conclusions from what happened yesterday, from the massiveness we achieved. We insist on the need for a fighting plan, the need for a general strike to unify all the fights we have in progress. To really stop the hand of Milei, Caputo and the Monetary Fund, which was not only behind the Coup of ’76 but is also behind this government.”

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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