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This Wednesday the Minister of Economy, Luis “Toto” Caputo, stated before businessmen that “somehow the worst is over.” But at the same time he asked them for collaboration for the “recovery” of the economy, since “the vote is not enough.” It was at the opening of Latam Economic Forum 2024which takes place on the premises of North Parkwhere the president was also invited to speak Javier Miley.

To beg for investments, the head of the economic portfolio appealed to “sensitize” the pockets of the parasitic national and multinational capitalists. And he resorted, perhaps unintentionally, to the infamous campaign slogan of Carlos Menemwhen in 1989 he asked the population: “Follow me, I will not disappoint you”.

In his speech to businessmen, Caputo He was satisfied with the supposed progress of his (increasingly weak) economic plan. “Seeing that what one thought, what one diagrammed, materializes in results, comforts a lot and makes us be much more optimistic looking to the future,” he said without blushing. He added that, according to his calculations, “We are already in clear recovery” and appealed for the help of the dominant sectors to face the exit from the economic recession.

The minister said that there are two decisive factors to evaluate the “speed” of this supposed economic recovery: the approval of the Base Law and that the employers do not continue to skimp on the investment. He said he gave “more importance” to the latter than to the same norm that hopes to be voted on in the Senate. “It’s more important that we can convince them to you that the change, the speed of recovery, depends much more on you than you believe,” he stated from the lectern of the Latam Economic Forum.

Photo Ministry of Economy
Photo Ministry of Economy

To be more precise, Caputo He told his audience that “the vote is not enough”. That the Government is willing to “guarantee macro order” and one “tax reduction”but for that the business community, “which has better possibilities” and “can contribute a lot”, does not have “fear” why “This is a virtuous circle and we are not going to let you down”.

“What you as citizens and businessmen can contribute is a lot, we have to recover the pride of being Argentine, know that you can count on us and know that we count on you to achieve it,” he told them. Caputo in his plea.

Finally, the “financial crash”, according to mercyonce again begged the capitalists to commit to the management of La Libertad Avanzato. “Click that click, please, because once you understand that politics is a business, you understand all the attitudes that you later see in Congress. Changing that is not easy and we are cutting all that, touching interests everywhere,” he said when referring to this Tuesday’s vote for the modification of retirement mobilitywhere part of the opposition handed a new parliamentary defeat to LLA and his allies PRO.

The official, one of the most supported by mercy In the midst of repeated Cabinet crises, he cries and promises tax cuts and other benefits to those who They never stop shoveling it away. Meanwhile, enables more energy tariffs y hungers increasingly impoverished social sectorswithin which live many of their own voters, who increasingly face the disenchantment of lies, adjustment and the attack on the living conditions of the majority.


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