Myriam Bregmancandidate for president for the Left Front along with Nicolás del Caño as vice president, participated in the Gato Sylvestre program on C5N.

She began her participation by telling the public why they should vote for her this Sunday, October 22:

“I come from Plurinational Meeting of Women and Dissidents. What we saw in Bariloche is part of what I want to convey to you, because After an intense campaign carried out at will, with a lot of militancy, what we saw is a recognition. Because in the presidential debates and throughout the campaign, from the left, from our formula with Nicolás del CañoWe were the only ones, the only ones who We debated the women’s agenda, that we clearly stood on the side of the people of Jujuy who fight against extractivism and in defense of the native communities that are being attacked. We clearly said that there is no way out for our country with the Monetary Fund, exposing that discussion in the debate, telling the story of where it has always taken us.”

“This meeting was a place where we received that return that is sometimes lost in dozens and dozens of notes of media that try to hide that facing October 22, this coming Sunday, there are five formulas and that you do not have to resign yourself, nor elect individual saviors. Voting for the Frente de Izquierda Unidad, voting for the formula that I integrate with Nicolás del Caño, is a vote to prepare for what is coming, it is a strong message that there are many of us, that we are many, who do not want to continue paying the Fund with hunger of the people, those of us who want to fight for our rights that are being attacked,” continued the Russian.

Youth must have a future and that future is not going to come from the hand of anyone who proposes himself as a defender of the interests of economic power. That’s why we told him that he was a puppet of that power,” he stated. Asked about the impact of the moment in which she said “cuddly kitty” to Javier Milei, during the first debate, Bregman said that “a while later we were having something to eat with my colleagues from the Left Front and a mother from Santiago Del Estero approached And he told me ‘Myriam, I thank you because my son was thinking of voting for Milei and after you depicted him so well that he was a puppet of economic power, a cuddly kitten, he rethought it.’ And after the second debate we received many messages in that sense.”

We need you to join and help monitor

At the end of the program, Bregman addressed the audience:

“We have to a very big challenge between now and Sunday. You have to take this campaign in your hands, we need you to join and help us supervise. In La Izquierda Diario you can find all the places where we are going to be throughout the country organizing this inspection to defend the vote of the Left Unity Front, which is very important because it has to be a strong message that we are neither complicit nor subjugated, neither complicit nor subjugated, that women have a lot to say and that as was seen in the debate, if the Left Front was not among those five candidates, there were many issues that interest you every day, those that you fight every day. the days that were not going to be there.”

I think it is very important that you accompany us with your vote, that you take the campaign in these days that are in your hands and that we show that there is another way outthat there is a way out so that the crisis is not paid once again by those who get up to work every day, that it cannot be that the crisis is always paid by the working people and those at the top get away with it.”

What would be Myriam Bregman’s security plan?

When asked what the security plan would be that would apply at the national level, Bregman said that “they always say that the left does not want to talk about insecurity. I stated it clearly.” “How can we not want to talk about issues when we live in a neighborhood like anyone else, not like others who live in closed neighborhoods?”continued the candidate.

“There is always punitive demagoguery. I told Patricia Bullrich, ‘you keep promising penalties, you have created a true penal inflation and you cannot show a single result.’ So we look at it from another point of view. Clearly organized crime, big crime, starts from the top. That is why I began by pointing out all the legal framework that has been dictated in our country since the Law of Financial Entities of the military dictatorshipwhich is used for bleaching and washing,” stated Bregman.

If you don’t start attacking from up there you will always catch yourself with the last link in the chain. So I proposed a series of legislations. Among them is the Simplified Joint Stock Companies Law, which when it was discussed in Congress in 2016-2017, I was strictly opposed. They told us ‘but how come they don’t want to favor entrepreneurs’, they remember that in Macrismo there was this discourse of entrepreneurship. And it seems that the law was not for entrepreneurs, because the day after it was approved in Rosario, the constitution of up to 40 of these companies in some places coincidentally appeared, even from prisons.”

“I gave an example of a kid from Rosario that tells me ‘I work in a metallurgical company but the neighborhood kids are offered more as soldiers of drugs, than what I earn’. So either you discuss the structural discussions of this system, which have led to a total precariousness of work, to the fact that youth only work without rights, without bonuses, without vacations or you are doing demagoguery, whatever you promise.”

We must break with the International Monetary Fund

“The Fund is the central issue that our country has today and we always propose a break with the Fund and not only that, but when the agreement was discussed in the National Congress and Sergio Massa was the one who guaranteed that it was approved, we told him clearly that the agreement was not only recessive in perspective, but that it was highly inflationary. And that’s what happened. Now they tell us oh yes, it is inflationary and everyone recognizes it, but those consequences are paid by the working people.

“Sometimes when the left says that we must break with the Fund they tell you ‘but look at the catastrophes that are going to come to us if we break with the Fund.’ The catastrophes came from fulfilling what the Fund always said, that’s how it was in ’89, that’s how it was in 2001, then you have to break with the Fund, you have to ignore the debt that is not only illegitimate, it is illegal, it is a scam. Now even the AGN says it is illegal. So it is a debt that is illegitimate, that is illegal and we must seek the solidarity of the people of the world. You were talking about what is happening in Latin America. We could look in other places. But I believe that Argentina should lead, our people should lead, to have sufficient strength, the search for solidarity in all those people who are suffering today at the expense of these multilateral organizations, which are not organizations that give you a loan in exchange for certain thing, they are mechanisms of domination.”

The Fund is a mechanism of domination, that is why the day after the PASO passes and Massa devalues ​​due to the Fund’s demands. It is clear that it is absolutely conditioning the economic policy of Argentina and in the history of our country we have already seen it many times. You have to break with the Fund and you have to go out and fight it, you have no way of facing such a great power without that. What we have in favor is not only being able to seek solidarity from other peoples, but also solidarity in our country, since there could be many more of us who mobilize. In the conditions that Mauricio Macri took the loan, it is shown that it is illegal and that Argentina could go into sovereign ignorance, complying with the norms of international law”.


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