Alejandrina Barry, a Buenos Aires legislator for the PTS in the FIT, daughter of the disappeared and tireless fighter for Human Rights was interviewed, this Saturday, by Public TV regarding the act that Victoria Villarruel will carry out in the Buenos Aires legislator to “pay homage victims of terrorism” and the call that has been launched from the Truth and Justice Memory Meeting to repudiate it.

Regarding the initiative of the defender of genocide, Barry made it clear that it is “an act of provocation after 40 years of the end of the military dictatorship, it is an act that openly claims the most atrocious crimes of State Terrorism. That is why that same day we are going to hold an act with the Truth and Justice Memory Meeting to repudiate it because the message that we are going to give is that we are not going to take a step back.”

He expressed that the fight against impunity was “a fight of all of us who are relatives, the survivors, the human rights organizations that for decades had to face impunity policies. If we were able to imprison some genocidal people, it had to do with this persevering fight.”

“In particular I have my parents missing, my uncles too. I was part of a press operation during the dictatorship. I am a plaintiff against civilians with my partner Miriam Bregman,” she added.

Alejandrina explained that Villarruel defends the executing arm that was the military from the civilians and what this means today: “The complete memory means that, the civilians, the big businessmen who got rich had clandestine care centers in their factories and that to this day, not only do they continue unpunished, but they are those who continue to mark prices, who continue to apply devaluation, who, like the International Monetary Fund, impose a present of planned misery”.

“They want to deny that we are still fighting. For example, my uncles. In our family after so many years we don’t know where they are. We don’t know what happened to them. They are still missing. The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo are dying without knowing the fate of their children. There was always a pact of silence. The appropriate children, our appropriate brothers that the ones we were able to recover were also due to a huge fight by the Human Rights organizations, ”she said.

Faced with this, and in reference to the act itself that Milei’s vice president intends to carry out, he emphasized that “we are going to appeal to our tool, which has always been mobilization. We are going to be at the door of the Legislature mobilizing ourselves, repudiating together with the EMVJ, with my missing relatives, my partner Miriam Bregman, the compañeros from the Left Front to tell them that we are not going to go back, that there are 30,000, that it was genocide and that more than ever we are going to continue saying Memory, Truth and Justice”.


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