Javier Milei is very nervous and has no shortage of reasons. The Government is at its worst moment and it is something that could already be seen coming.

This Tuesday he had another defeat in the Chamber of Deputies. An increase for retirees was voted, which Milei was against. The truth is that the increase is so little that it is not even enough for retirees to live on. But even so Milei said that if it is approved in the Senate he will veto it to go further with the fiscal adjustment.

He thinks he’s a king. But is there anything more harsh than denying a raise to retirees who have worked their entire lives?

Milei was already coming from the failure of the May Pact that he failed to sign with the governors and ended up “celebrating” alone in Córdoba.

It’s been almost six months since they’ve been working on the Bases Law and they still haven’t gotten a vote on it. That is one of the reasons – although not the only one – that makes the markets nervous, with dollars rising and markets falling, because it seems that not even financial capital has much confidence in the direction of the Government.

In addition, the government is complicated because in these days the record came out that they had 5 thousand tons of food stored. And now they also don’t have their numbers, they lack merchandise and they throw each other with corruption scandals. They steal food from the poor.

The cabinet is abuzz and more resignations are not even ruled out after the fall of Nicolás Posse. The liberal experiment is not in good health but Milei is still traveling.

But we cannot forget that the government has friends. There is recession, there are high rates, there is poverty like never before, there are rebellions like the one in Misiones, but the great economic power, the senators and deputies of blocks like the PRO, the UCR and some of Peronism continue to support it and are preparing to approve the Law Bases.

And what can we say about the CGT that is on tour in Switzerland and did not call for a strike or mobilization when it is discussed in the Senate. It is true, there are sectors like the Moyanismo that say they are going to mobilize that day, but the truth is that they did not call for a strike. Do you want to mobilize strongly or not?

Milei’s plan is clear, she’s coming for us. That is why we have to take this fight as our own: the day the Base Law is discussed, there will be hundreds of thousands in the streets. You add up?

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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