Javier Milei: “They want to know how the economy is going to grow, it is going to go up like a scuba diver”

It seems like a century has passed, but it has only been a week since the Ley Bases was voted on. And the “good news” that the government announced would arrive is conspicuous by its absence.

Sometimes it seems like the government is pretending that we are in another world. Javier Milei said a few days ago: “We are starting to look like countries like Germany, Italy, France.”

I don’t know what happened in Germany or Italy this week, but Argentina was very nervous. The parallel dollar rose for several days, as did the country risk. It is true that one day it can rise, another day it can fall, but this instability is due to the fact that even the markets no longer believe Milei. And together with the IMF and the farm bosses, they are pushing for a new devaluation that would imply more inflation and a greater economic decline. More blows to the pockets of those of us who live off our work.

The government’s response was an announcement that was quite difficult to understand, but which ultimately implies provoking an even more brutal recession as the only way to try to control inflation. The Ministry of Economy is taking on more debt than previously belonged to the Central Bank, and to pay it off it has to make further adjustments, that is, more layoffs, adjustments in pensions, health and education.

Both sides only think of plans to favor the powerful and organize the entire economy of the country based on the payment of an illegitimate debt that only leads to looting and recurring crises.

[Mientras tanto, con la nuestra, Milei sigue de gira por el mundo.]

However, the government’s plan is not convincing to anyone. From Macri to Cavallo, they said these days that there is too much uncertainty about the direction of the country. They want to know when the restrictions will be lifted and how the debt will be paid, but no one knows how to answer.

[También se rumorea que el FMI anda con miedo de que se pudra todo y crezca la protesta social.]

The good thing is that on the other side of the fence there are workers who are organizing themselves. At FATE, at SIAT of Paolo Rocca, at the Posadas Hospital and other places in the State, they are fighting. [Algo que no hacen los burócratas sindicales]

That is why it is essential and more urgent than ever to support these struggles and coordinate them to win.

But we must also build another way out of the trap. Because while the country is heading towards a bigger crisis, we must not swallow the Peronist line, whose recipes have already failed and now they spend a lot of time arguing, but in the meantime they let Milei’s plan pass, which impoverishes millions, and they are only preparing for the next elections.

It is not about that. That is why we invite you to always follow and spread the content of La Izquierda Diario and join in every fight. Also, to create a political, socialist, left-wing and workers’ alternative that breaks with the path of misery that implies subordinating ourselves to the interests of big capital and its different plans, which, despite their variants, always lead us to great crises and are always in favor of the powerful and against the majority. The task becomes more urgent.

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