make text more logical and better; The VeChain (VET) ecosystem continues to develop impressively. The project recently added two new tokens called B3TR and VOT3. The digital coins are part of the launch of the decentralized organization platform VeBetterDAO.

What does the change entail?

VeBetterDAO is an innovative platform within the VeChain ecosystem, aimed at fostering a cross-industry ecosystem for decentralized applications (dApps). It emphasizes sustainability and encouraging the adoption of Web3 technologies among both companies and individual users.

The B3TR token plays a central role within VeBetterDAO by functioning as a reward token. It rewards users for their active participation and engagement with the platform, in line with VeChain’s X-to-Earn strategy. This strategy ensures that users receive rewards for their contributions to the ecosystem.

On the other side is the VOT3 token, which serves as VeBetterDAO’s governance token. VOT3 owners have the right to participate in the platform’s decision-making processes. This includes voting on proposals that impact development, policy changes and other crucial decisions that shape the future and functionality of the platform.

Positive outlook

In addition to the fundamental developments within VeChain, there is additional positive news. Technical analysts are extremely optimistic about VeChain, as it has seen an impressive 240% increase in value since September last year, and an increase of 80% since the beginning of this month. This means that VET has reached its highest value in almost two years.

Experts, including crypto analyst EGRAG Crypto, believe that VeChain has much more growth potential. Given its historic performance in 2019 and 2021, where VET grew by 5,892% and 14,638% respectively, some speculate that the coin could potentially rise to a value of $2.

A crucial factor in VeChain’s recent success is its partnership with Walmart China, which recently processed more than 200 million transactions through the Walmart China Blockchain Traceability Platform. This achievement highlights the effectiveness of VeChain’s technology in ensuring food safety and improving traceability. It also illustrates the practical applicability and value of blockchain technology.

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