The news about the approval of the Ethereum ETF by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had not even been known for 30 minutes before VanEck released its first commercial. It was a 37-second video with the message: “Enter the ether.”

VanEck advertisement for Ethereum attracts many viewers

At the time of writing, VanEck’s video about Ethereum has a total of 420,000 views, 5,200 likes, 1,500 retweets and 324 reactions. In that respect, we can say that VanEck has achieved its objective with their promotional video for the Ethereum ETF.

Now we just have to see if there is any interest in Ethereum in ETF form at all. Especially since it is not possible for investors to get staking returns.

In that respect, the Ethereum ETFs could well flop. After all, as an investor it is not smart to be in an asset that you cannot fully utilize.

In general, VanEck’s advertisement was positively received. Colin Goltra of Yield Guild Games was particularly complimentary of the fund manager’s commercial.

Boomers discover smart contracts

“Today, boomers are discovering smart contracts for the first time and realizing that crypto is more than digital gold,” wrote the anonymous co-founder of DeGod’s private club.

Now the main question is when exactly the ETF will come onto the market. The expectation is that we will have a fully green light for the Ethereum ETFs sometime in June.

The rest of the publishers have not yet published commercials, as VanEck did.

From Grayscale and Bitwise there was only a short post on Twitter to “celebrate”.

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