“No one should be able to buy the Supreme Court, but that’s exactly what’s happening.” With those words, US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared on her Twitter account a small fragment of her presentation in the United States House of Representatives. exposing corruption and the different links that unite members of the Supreme Court from that country with billionaire businessmen what do you see benefited by their failures. But in particular he targeted one in particular: Judge Samuel Alito, in charge of ruling against Argentina in the case that favored vulture funds in 2014 and condemned the Argentine State for the sum of 2.4 billion dollars.

Ocasio-Cortez showing photos of Judge Samuel Alito with mogul Paul Singer
Ocasio-Cortez showing photos of Judge Samuel Alito with mogul Paul Singer

Ocasio-Cortez’s complaint is based on an investigation by ProPublica, a nonprofit organization dedicated to investigative journalism that publicized Judge Alito’s case in June with a detailed report. It reads: “In early July 2008, Samuel Alito stood on the bank of a river in a remote corner of Alaska. The Supreme Court justice was vacationing at a luxury fishing lodge that charged more than $1,000. dollars a day, and after catching a king salmon almost the size of his leg, Alito posed for a photograph. To his left, a man beamed: Paul Singer, a hedge fund billionaire who has repeatedly asked the Supreme Court to rule in his favor in high-stakes business disputes“.

The report, taken up by Ocasio-Cortez in her speech, exposes the relationship between Samuel Alito and the magnate. In it some details are given, such as that for that “fishing trip” The judge flew on a private plane that would have cost more than $200,000something that did not include in its financial statements that establishes the law. And it is also clarified that in the following years “Singer’s hedge fund went to court at least ten times” and refers to the dispute between Singer and Argentina: “In 2014, the court agreed to resolve a key issue in a battle of a decade between Singer’s hedge fund and the Argentine nation. Alito did not recuse himself from the case and voted with a 7-1 majority in favor of Singer. In the end, the hedge fund received $2.4 billion“.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito (center) and billionaire Paul Singer (right) pose for a photo together.  |  Source: ProPublica
Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito (center) and billionaire Paul Singer (right) pose for a photo together. | Source: ProPublica

The case is scandalous no matter how you look at it and shows the complicity that exists between the Judiciary and the economic power, and how the latter influences cases as decisive as that of vulture funds. In March 2016, months after Macri assumed the presidency, the National Congress ended up validating the payment of 100% of what the vultures claimed. The Macri administration, the promoter of this surrendering project, had a fundamental ally to achieve its approval: none other than Sergio Massa, at that time leader of the bench of deputies of the Frente Renovador.

A scam planned to sink the country and that must be rejected

The report, amplified by Ocasio-Cortez’s complaint, exposes how the lobby of billionaire tycoons like Singer operates to achieve tailor-made rulings and obtain huge profits in disputes considered “high risk.” Not for nothing were they baptized as Vulture funds: They invest by purchasing public debt securities at a very low cost, in countries that are economically drowned, and then litigate in international courts seeking to obtain the full value of those bonds, keeping incalculable percentages in their favor. A mechanism that demonstrates the scam they representremaining with millionaire funds that go through the debt window instead of being invested in health, education, housing and work to respond to popular needs.

Precisely, That is the purpose of this type of fraud. On the one hand, obtain multimillion-dollar profits, but on the other tying dependent countries like Argentina to an endless spiral of debtconditioning their economic and political decisions. A mechanism of imperialist domination, which in this way takes control of different national strategic resources due to the need for States to obtain dollars to face unpayable debts. A looting that we have been seeing for years in Argentina, and that is the main cause of the enormous social and economic crisis that the country is going through and that punishes the vast majority of the population.

That is why complaints like this one that is known now, only ratify the need to organize and fight for the only realistic way out so as not to end up in this eternal dead end: ignore the debt that has been taken to benefit a handful of rich people at the expense of the impoverishment of millions of workers.

From words to deeds

After learning of the complaint, the vice president spread Ocasio-Cortez’s speech on her social networks and noted: “Don’t let them lie to you anymore. This is how, in the US Judiciary, rulings are achieved in favor of Vulture Funds and against them.” of Argentina, your country”. At the end of her last presidency, Cristina Kirchner criticized the ruling in favor of vulture funds on several occasions. And now she intends to reposition herself with a questioning speech, reaching the end of the Frente de Todos government.

However, the attitude of Kirchnerism in these last four years was quite far from seriously proposing the rejection of the foreign debt scam. The campaigns against the debt with the IMF, the 100-year bonds issued by the macrismo and the judicial complaints that were made during the macrismo ended in critical rhetoric and a meek acceptance of the facts that there was no other way but to pay. That way, The Frente de Todos ended up legitimizing another huge fraud, the consequences of which can be seen in a crisis that continues to deepen.

The times to come will be marked by that unpayable debt that compromises the future of entire generations. Against all resignation and acceptance of that destiny as the only possible one, it is necessary to insist on rejection and the need to organize to break the agreement. With the help of the IMF, which pushes for more devaluations, pension cuts, labor reform and keeping our natural common goods, there is no way out for the country. Calls such as this Wednesday’s mobilization to the Plaza de Mayo, built by the left in unity with other social organizations, union leaders, human rights organizations and those who reject the adjustment, are the first steps to begin to propose another solution.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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