Os USA sent the nuclear submarine USS Helena to Guantanamo Bay, Cubathis Thursday, the 13th, as a strategic response maneuver to the presence of Russian warships in Havana.

The displacement of the submarine is part of a “routine visit“, as declared by the Southern Command of the US army on the social network “X”.

According to the Sul commandthe presence of the USS Helena in Cuban waters follows a previously established plan.

“The submarine conducts its mission of global maritime security and national defense. The location and transit of the vessel were previously planned”, informed the Command in a note.

The submarine USS Helenain service since 1903, is one of the US nuclear assets in the region, highlighting the long history of American presence in the Guantanamo Bay.

On the Cuban side, the four Russian warships, including three missile-launching destroyers and a Coast Guardare in Cuban territory for joint military exercises with Cubaannounced at the beginning of the month.

This mobilization is part of an operation between the Russia e Cubadescribed by the Ministry of Cuban Foreign Relations as a demonstration of historic friendship between the two countries.

The US Security Advisor, Jake Sullivanstated that Russian forces do not pose an immediate threat, but reiterated that the movements are being “closely monitored” by American authorities.

Furthermore, the North American press reported that the US government designated a fleet to monitor Russian vessels, reinforcing surveillance in the region.

Both Russian and American fleets have nuclear capabilities and are considered highly modern, which contributes to the increase in tensions in the Caribbean region.

O Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairsin a statement, emphasized that “none of the boats carry nuclear weapons, so the stop in our country does not represent a threat to the region”, seeking to appease international concerns about the escalation of a possible armed confrontation.

Credit/Image: AP/Ariel Ley

Source: https://www.ocafezinho.com/2024/06/13/eua-estacionam-submarino-nuclear-no-mar-de-cuba-em-resposta-a-chegada-de-porta-avioes-da-russia/

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