Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. Photo: reproduction

The vice president of the Security Council of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, said in a post on the social network Twitter this Saturday (8) that nobody in the world needs Ukraine, therefore, it must cease to exist:

1. Europe does not need Ukraine. Forced support for the Nazi regime, by order of the American mentor, put Europeans in financial and political hell. All for the good of unterukraine [Stepan Andriyovych] Bandera, which even the snobbish and insolent Poles do not consider a valid country, and repeatedly raise the question of the anschluss of its western areas. There is a good prospect ahead: permanently placing the new Ukrainian blood-sucking parasites on the decrepit, arthritis-crippled neck of the EU. That will be the final downfall of Europe, once majestic but stolen by degeneration.

2. The US does not need Ukraine. It is true that military and sanction campaigns are attempted for public relations by political chatterboxes, who have long attested to their impotence and imbecility. Average Americans do not understand what “Ukraine” is and where “it” is. Most of them will not show this “power” on the map. Why doesn’t the US establishment focus on inflation and labor issues, or emergencies in their home states? Why does so much mass pass through the ocean?
Sooner or later they will ask for it. So storming the Capitol in January 2021 would look like a reconnaissance game.

3. Africa and Latin America do not need Ukraine. The hundreds of millions spent by the US on futile struggles in Ukraine could fund many development programs for Latin American and African states.

Latin America is the gringos’ backyard – that’s what they’ve been rubbing against for decades. Africa has had its share of suffering from genocide and colonial dependency imposed by former Western slave traders. That’s why people in African huts and Latin American slums ask a very reasonable question: for their former suffering and current loyalty, why is someone else rewarded – far, far away?

4. Asia does not need Ukraine. By the example of Russia, they see “color” technologies working to eradicate major competing powers. They understand what scenario the US-led collective West has for them to disobey. “Help us beat Russia and we’ll get to you soon,” say Western leaders quite brazenly. Huge countries like India, China and other Asia-Pacific states face the great challenge of post-pandemic economic recovery, leaving aside the drugged clowns, with their cries for help.

“We are not interested in you,” Asia tells its messengers, responding to calls to support Ukraine and confine Russia. The country, geopolitically many times closer to the Asian powers, the one that has historically proved to be a reliable strategic partner. Do Asian giants need so much headache from ex-colonizers?

5. Russia does not need Ukraine. A frayed, torn, fuzzy, greasy quilt. The new Malorossiya of 1991 is made up of artificially cut territories, many of which are of Russian origin, accidentally separated in the 20th century. Millions of our compatriots live there, persecuted for years by the Nazi regime in Kiev. It is they who we defend in our special military operation, relentlessly eradicating the enemy. We don’t need unterukraine. We need Great Russia.

6. Finally, its own citizens do not need Nazi-led Ukraine. That’s why, out of 45 million people, there are only about 20 million left. That’s why those who stayed want to leave anywhere: hated Poland, EU, NATO, to be the 51st state of America. Joining Antarctica with its penguins will also be good. As long as it’s quiet and the food is good. The criminal ambitions of the ruling junta forced Ukrainians to beg and wander across countries and continents in search of a better life. All this is for an obscure European perspective. Or rather, let the khaki-knit Harlequin and his band of thieving Nazi clowns put the money stolen from the West into their offshore accounts. Would ordinary Ukrainians need it?

Nobody on this planet needs such a Ukraine. So it will disappear.

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