Communiqué from the Assemblies of the Western Zone of Greater Buenos Aires:

Tuesday 30: Popular assemblies of the Western Zone call to mobilize at the doors of the National Congress to reject the entire Omnibus Law

After participating in the strike, assemblies in Morón, Ituzaingó, Hurlingham, Merlo, San Antonio de Padua, Ramos Mejía, Laferrere and General Rodriguez. In the next few days Ciudad Evita, Rafael Castillo and Marcos Paz will meet. Moreno He did it previously. In all of them they resolved democratically call at the door of Congress on Tuesday the 30th and the days that the Omnibus Law is discussed to reject it in its entirety.

They also spoke against the DNU that is still in force, against Bullrich’s anti-protest, anti-picket and anti-strike protocol, against Caputto’s adjustment and what is necessary and urgent increase in salaries, pensions and social plans. They demand that the union centers It is necessary to continue the fight plan, starting with an active strike on the day Congress meets.

The popular assemblies of the western area of ​​the Buenos Aires suburbs that are organized in various locations, during the last national strike marched in a coordinated manner and are already being organized for Tuesday.
Faced with the lack of calls from the CGT and the CTA, the western assemblies will seek articulation and common action on Tuesday with Unidos por la Cultura, the neighborhood assemblies of CABA, Sur, Norte and La Plata together with the union organizations, social, human rights, political, environmental, feminist, who intend to demonstrate on the day Congress meets to reject the entire Omnibus Law.


After the statement, they also resolved to convene the Congress assemblies of Evita City and Citadel. They meet in Rafael Castillo on Monday.


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