Former President Donald Trump on Monday refused to endorse a federal abortion ban and said the issue is in the hands of the states.

The Supreme Court decision that overturned the case Roe v. Wade almost two years ago created a patchwork – and constantly changing – landscape of abortion access in the United States, with about a third of states banning the procedure in almost all circumstances. This includes nearly all of the southeastern United States, after a recent Florida Supreme Court ruling triggered a six-week abortion ban in the state, which goes into effect May 1, and cut off a key regional access point for the procedure.

On Tuesday, the Arizona Supreme Court upheld a 160-year-old law that bans abortion at any stage of pregnancy unless the patient’s life is in danger, with no exceptions for rape or incest. This decision could come into force as early as the end of May, although it is not clear how, if and when the law will be applied.

And ongoing litigation in other states, such as Nebraska, Iowa and Utah, could mean more changes to state abortion laws this year.

Abortion advocacy groups are also pushing this year for constitutional amendments to be passed that would protect access to abortion in states like Montana and Nevada and overturn abortion bans in Florida and Missouri.

Explore the map and table below to learn more about each state’s abortion laws:

With information from Politico.


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