Fundstrat CEO Tom Lee is known for his extreme predictions regarding the Bitcoin price. Once again he did not disappoint during an interview with CNBC. The investment legend predicts that we will see a Bitcoin price of $150,000 in 2024.

With the current price of $51,200, Bitcoin may have to hurry.

‘Bitcoin price of $150,000 in 2024’

Tom Lee bases his prediction on, among other things, the policy of the American central bank, which is expected to relax.

This means that interest rates will drop again in 2024 and they may also start support programs again.

In addition to the monetary factor, according to Tom Lee, the success of the Spot Bitcoin ETFs and of course the upcoming halving also play a role in his prediction.

For those reasons, Tom Lee does not expect a correction this time in the run-up to the halving. Bitcoin has been doing fantastic in recent weeks and Tom Lee expects that the digital currency can continue its performance in the coming period.

Bitcoin for criminals?

The CNBC interviewer says that he still mainly sees Bitcoin as a tool for criminals. However, Tom Lee disagrees. In principle, everything is of course usable for criminals, even a car or other forms of tools can be used for the wrong purposes.

“Bitcoin is hard money and thus proves its value. It is a fantastic savings tool and a good risk asset. It is also extremely safe. Since the birth of the blockchain, no fraudulent transaction has been made.

I don’t think any bank can say that. About 6 percent of all bank transactions are suspicious. The same goes for 0 percent on the Bitcoin blockchain,” said Tom Lee.

Tom Lee does not indicate when Bitcoin can start those explosive increases. Although it is also difficult to predict things like that with any degree of certainty.

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