Neighborhood assemblies have played a prominent role in the first mobilizations against the policy of adjustment and repression of the Milei government. They demonstrated their resistance during the fight against the Omnibus Law, facing the repressive, violent and illegal operations, mounted by Patricia Bullrich. Despite this, they did not leave the streets until the package of regressive laws for the popular majorities was overturned. After this great achievement, the assemblies continued to meet and advance in coordination instances, where democracy from below is increasingly expressed. In addition, they also mobilize in solidarity with the ongoing workers’ struggles. This Monday, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Many of them accompanied the teachers in their mobilization demanding parity. Likewise, they are supporting the struggle of aeronautical workers who fight for their salaries and for the defense of Aerolíneas Argentinas.

This Friday, dozens of AMBA assemblies, including South, North, West, La Plata and CABA, will mobilize in front of Congress, when Javier Milei speaks at the opening of the legislative sessions. In many of them, they also voted to participate in the actions organized by the student commission of Unidxs por la Cultura, which brings together students from more than 31 educational institutions, against the high transportation rate. Several AMBA student centers have also shown their support for this proposal.
The “molinetazos” will take place this Friday at 5:30 p.m. at the Once, Constitución and Retiro stations, followed by a march to Congress, when the President speaks at 9 p.m.

The importance of these actions scheduled for this Friday becomes relevant given the advance of the national crisis.
The confrontation between the national government and the governors over co-participation shows the important crisis at the top. However, the provincial governments argue that this dispute with Milei is in the interest of the people, when in reality they are defending the businessmen of their provinces.

This Friday everyone take to the streets

In CABA, more than 20 assemblies voted to mobilize this March 1 to repudiate the adjustment of the Government of La Libertad Avanza: Ángel Gallardo y Corrientes; Villa Urquiza; Lugano; Ortiz and Corrientes; Medrano; Mouth; Saavedra; Barracks; San Telmo; Balvanera; Villa Ortúzar; Paternal; Patricios Park; Constitution; Almagro Square; Boedo; Villa Luro; Avellaneda; Flowers; Mount Castro; San Cristobal-Constitucion-Monserrat; Córdoba and Pueyrredón; Little horse

From the suburbs

Some of the assemblies that will mobilize until Congress are: Quinta de Olivos; Lorca Square; Munro, Villa Martelli, San Martín; February 3rd; San Isidro; San Miguel; Northwest Artists Collective Assembly; United for Culture in the northern zone: Campana, Tigre, Escobar and Assembly of Autoconcocadxs of the UNGS, among others that we will mention below.

From the northern area of ​​Greater Buenos Aires, 14 assemblies voted to participate in the molinetazo in Retiro.

Zona Sur: Assemblies of Echeverría; Lomas de Zamora and the National University of Lomas de Zamora; Avellaneda; Quilmes; Florencio Varela; Ezeiza; Lanus.

West Zone: the coordination meeting between the 15 assemblies in the area, mobilize all the assemblies together making a loud noise and then participate in the pinwheel jump in Once. Later they would reach the National Congress to repudiate the adjustment of the libertarian government.

At payment

The assembly of 7 and 50 of the city of La Plata, where state, health, cultural workers, teachers, tenants, students and neighbors come together, resolved to mobilize on March 1, when the legislative assembly opens with a new adjustment speech by Milei against working people. From the sector that is organized in Unidos por la Cultura (La Plata, Ensenada and Berisso), they will also join the “Molinetazo” against the high rates that will be carried out that same day simultaneously, at the train stations of Retiro, Once and Constitution.


About 200 assembly members from the western zone gathered this Saturday in Ituzaingó. Assemblies from six new localities were added, a total of 15 assemblies with their delegates. The 9 assemblies that had participated in the previous coordination (Morón, Merlo, Ituzaingo, San Antonio de Padua, Moreno, Hurlingham, Ramos Mejía, Ciudad Evita and Laferrere) were joined by the town of Marcos Paz, Hurlingham, which was organized contr

In this coordination meeting, they also voted to present the proposal to the assemblies of South, North, La Plata and Caba and within the province, to hold a meeting to propose expanding the coordination to integrate all the AMBA assemblies. Taking an important step in expanding coordination and then an action demanding a strike from the CGT.


Under the motto “The Omnibus Law has fallen, let’s go for the DNU and the repressive protocol” they met last Thursday, February 22 at the “Sudestada” Library of Vicente López. We participate workers, young people, retirees, artists and cultural workers, researchers and neighbors who make up the assemblies of Quinta de Olivos, Plaza Lorca, Tigre, Munro, Villa Martelli, San Martín, Tres de Febrero, San Isidro, San Miguel , Escobar, Assembly of the Northwest Artists Collective, Unidxs x la cultura ZN and Unidxs x la cultura de Campana, and Assembly of Autoconcocadxs of the UNGS.

The assemblies voted to participate this Friday in the molinetazo in Retiro and then mobilize to Congress.

San Martin

Like every Tuesday afternoon, the San Martín assembly met on the Belgrano pedestrian street, to start with a bang and continue with the debates that lead to voting on actions for the following days.

They voted to mobilize on March 1 together with United for Culture of the Northern zone and AMBA assemblies, with a pot-banging in Retiro, to unite the fight that the railway workers have been giving as well.

This agenda represents the will of the popular sectors to unite what the union and social leaders divide with their inaction. For this reason, the constant demand that arises in each assembly is the demand for the CGT and the CTA to mobilize and urgently call for a unified plan of struggle to overthrow Milei’s chainsaw plan.


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