This Wednesday will take place national strike called by the CGT and the CTA. It will be from 12 noon, with a mobilization that will go to the National Congress. It is assumed that it will be massive, given the decision of the union organizations to show their strength in the streets.

However, the decision of the transport unions to operate normally until 7 p.m. places them limits to measure. On the one hand, weakens the same unemployment, since it implies that the transport workers themselves cannot stop with full force. At the same time, this implies that informal sectors or sectors without union rights cannot participate in the strike either due to coercion exercised by companies and employers. This, logically, also limits the strength of the mobilization.

It was precisely for this reason that from combative transport sectors and from the Left Front it was publicly proposed that a emergency schemeintended only to guarantee the massiveness of the mobilization.

Despite these limits, the national strike will express a strong repudiation of adjustment policies that the Government has been carrying out with the endorsement of the big employers and the IMF. An adjustment that is concentrated in the Caputazo, the mega DNU, the Omnibus Law and the repressive Bullrich Protocol. You have to face and defeat that adjustment plan as a whole.

In Congress, the collaborationist employer opposition It has been negotiating the Omnibus Law with the Government. They want to present it as a way to put a limit on Milei. That is false. It is a negotiation where various ways of making the adjustment stick to working people are discussed.

He peronismfor its part, rejects these adjustment measures, but is preparing to use these mobilizations to recover from political defeat who suffered in the elections. This Wednesday, several of his main figures will be on the streets. However, the political strategy consists of betting on the erosion of Milei’s government, not to defeat the fit nowwith mobilization and struggle in the streets.

However, this policy allows the adjustment to advance and the living conditions of the great working-class and popular majorities and, also, of the impoverished middle classes to deteriorate. It is necessary stop the adjustment now, do not wait four years to “throw Milei out at the polls.” That was the strategy followed against Macri since the end of 2017 and, among other things, allowed a new jump in national looting with the debt to the IMF, assumed months later.

He combative unionism, popular assemblies, social organizations and independent unemployed people and the left will be mobilized in a independent block. Among other issues, they will raise that it is necessary for the strike continues in a plan of struggle that grows until the adjustment is completely defeated.

Given the discussion of the Omnibus Law, it is necessary maintain alertness and mobilization. Ensure that On the day it is treated there will be active strike, with mobilization and pickets.

Milei and the big employers propose to format the country regressively, against the interests of the working class, the poor people and the ruined middle class. It is necessary to defeat them in this first battle. We must stop them, with the fight in the streets and organizing a great national struggle. If they advance now, they will come for more later.


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