Through a press release, the train drivers union announced a force measure for May 30. This is a new type of protest that consists of placing a limit on the maximum speed of train circulation that will apply for 24 hours for all passenger and cargo lines.

“Given the lack of response from the authorities of the different Railway Companies regarding the updating of the salaries of railway personnel, who do not recognize the loss of purchasing power, nor the inflation registered in the months of March, April and May 2024, the National Secretariat of the La Fraternidad Union informs that in a meeting held today, it has decided to carry out a protest measure next Thursday…” the statement reads.

From La Fraternidad they add that if they do not receive any news about the claims, on Tuesday, June 4, there will be a total stoppage of train transport for 24 hours.

The complaints include a complaint about the lack of investment that, in this context of strong tax cuts, explains the worsening of train malfunctions, as happened last week on the Roca train that forced passengers to get off the train. training and walking along the tracks. Or in extreme cases such as the derailment of the train in Palermo due to lack of maintenance, despite repeated complaints from railway workers. Milei’s adjustment plan has only worsened the living conditions of the popular majorities who travel poorly, with enormous fares and pulverized salaries that are increasingly enough for less.


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