Below we reproduce the report of the health post carried out by workers from the Marrón group of the PTS, professionals from the CICOP for list 5 combative opposition, and students from the PTS youth. Together with dozens of independent workers and students who approached Congress for the second consecutive time to resist the repression of the Milei and Bullrich government to pass the omnibus law, putting their knowledge and wisdom at the service of the protesters.

This Thursday, February 1, approximately 100 people were treated with injuries of varying severity. Most of them caused by rubber bullet pellets in different parts of the body, with the particularity of being located in the eyes, neck, face, genitals, abdomen and thorax.

As a result of this repression, Matías Aufieri, lawyer of the Center of Professionals for Human Rights and advisor to the national representative Myriam Bregman, is in an ophthalmological hospital in CABA with a serious eye injury from a rubber bullet wound and with an ocular prognosis. reserved.

In addition, the medical and nursing professionals attended to leaders of social movements and the unemployed, such as Eduardo Beliboni and dozens of journalists and human rights activists, who were attacked and repressed by the different repressive forces that were in force. The congress.

An aeronautical worker, outsourced by the company Aerolíneas Argentinas, suffered a head injury with a subsequent episode of vomiting.

There were severe injuries to the neck, pinna, and eyebrow arch, which makes it clear that the rubber bullets fired by the Police were not intended to disperse but rather to cause serious injuries to those who were exercising their legitimate right to protest against the Omnibus Law. , the DNU and the anti-picketing protocol.

In addition to this, different types of osteoarthromuscular injuries were evident, such as skull trauma due to contusions through the use of sticks or sprains or chest trauma due to blows with shields, clubs and also dislocations, abrasions and hemorrhages from the wounds. rubber bullet We treated gunshot wounds with subsequent referral to different hospitals such as the Rivadavia hospital to rule out venous, arterial and in some cases bone involvement. In total we referred more than 10 colleagues to hospital wards

More than 70 people were treated for injuries caused by the new pepper spray, which, as we reported yesterday, contains a high concentration of the irritant capsaicin, generating chemical burns on the skin, bronchospasm in some severe cases that required the use of bronchodilators on the skin itself. health post. It should be noted that the use of this new repressive mechanism affected many young people of secondary school age.

Generalized symptoms of anxiety and episodes of panic were also observed due to the level of violence exercised towards workers and popular sectors, having to be treated by Mental Health professionals.

A large number of retirees, young people, teachers, and residents of the Neighborhood Assemblies passed through the Health Post to be treated.

We want to denounce that the repressive forces did not let us carry out our work, forcing us to permanently move with the injured people, trying to intimidate us with motorcycles, tear gas and gunshots.

We contribute our knowledge and knowledge so as not to regret more tragic outcomes. There was not a single health post set up by the government to care for the injured, they did not spend a single peso on that. Without exaggeration, we can say that we could have had fatalities.

Below is a list of some of the injuries we treated.

• Cut wounds in the eye
• Gunshot wounds to the eye.
• Rubber bullet wound in the neck
• Rubber bullet wound in the testicular region
• Trauma to the brain with loss of consciousness
• Broncoespasmos
• Clavicle fracture.
• Asthmatic attacks
• Rubber bullet wound to the thorax, abdomen, pelvis, upper and lower limbs.
• Osteo-arto-muscular injuries
• Finger dislocation
• Knee sprain
• Ankle sprain
• Chemical burns
• Panic attack
• Anguish and anxiety crisis.
• Rubber bullet wound in the ear
• Keratitis

It is noteworthy and gives us enormous pride to have set up this Health Post, showing the organization, unity and solidarity from below, essential to confront this hunger plan of the government.

We continue to demand that the union centers be on the streets, that they call for a national strike in repudiation of the repression and promote a true Plan of Fight to overthrow the omnibus law, the DNU and the entire adjustment plan of Milei and the right. .


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