Osvaldo Jaldo once again gave a new example of his alignment with the Casa Rosada and with the government headed by Javier Milei. Asked about the measure of force that paralyzed the country this Thursday, May 9, he said: “I do not agree at all, andThe country is in a situation of major crisis, stopping the country, not working, not producing, the only thing we are doing is losing. We are all losing“.

For Jaldo, the “serious situation” that the country is going through has nothing to do with the policies of adjustment, hunger and misery carried out by the libertarian administration that he supports, (nor the government of the Frente de Todos that passed, from which he was a fervent militant). The governor of Tucumán, a disciple of Juan Manzur, prefers to put the responsibility on the working class who today demonstrated, with the forcefulness of the measure, the enormous discontent with the policies that have been carried out.

They were different times: in July of last year Jaldo and Manzur together with Daer organized an event in support of the candidacy of Sergio Massa
They were different times: in July of last year Jaldo and Manzur together with Daer organized an event in support of the candidacy of Sergio Massa

“Someone tell me what is gained today. These types of measures at other times, in other times, perhaps could have had rationality, but when the country is in danger this is achieved through work, with effort, with sacrifice “I ask those who are on strike today, where are they? Are they sleeping, are they at home? Today they are on strike to continue sleeping and we are not going to get Argentina out by sleeping,” he remarked.

Osvaldo Jaldo’s alignment with Milei is not new. Despite campaigning during 2023 with Unión por la Patria and with Sergio Massa, he did not wait a month to switch sides. Already on January 24, its deputies presented a letter to the president of the Chamber, Martín Menem, announcing that they were abandoning the UxP bloc and founding a new bloc called Independence. A week later, they voted in favor of the Omnibus Law project in Deputies, which finally ended up falling through the cracks with other collaborationist sectors that did not come to fruition. Finally, on April 30, the three deputies who respond to Jaldo once again lent their favors and cast their votes for the half-sanction of the new Bases Law.

Osvaldo Jaldo with Guillermo Francos
Osvaldo Jaldo with Guillermo Francos

The most serious part of Jaldo’s statements came when he referred to the measures that the province would take against the workers who joined the strike. “We are studying the possibility of deducting the salaries of state workers,” he began by saying, and then directly threatened UTA workers and teachers. “Public passenger transport It works because the province provides the resources, otherwise the 3,000 families that belong to UTA would not be receiving salaries -Jaldo highlighted-. That’s why I say that What is being done today is risking the source of work and that is serious.in a country where we see that unemployment is increasing and today those who have a job have to take care of it,” he noted.

And in case it had not been clear, he remarked: “UTA has 3,000 families that I suggest they take care of employment, because they earn thanks to the government of Tucumán, because I don’t know how long we will be able to give them subsidies so that they continue to earn, the teachers are exactly the same, they are up to date, they should be working in each of the schools. You have to be very cautious, very careful. “Today, anyone who has a job has to take care of it.”

Jaldo’s threats are nothing more than icing on the cake, and show the governor’s total alignment with the national government and the policies he has been carrying out. One of the many cases of Peronists willing not only to give governability, but to support the Milei government’s roadmap with all their efforts.

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