Through a statement, the human rights organization denounced that the authors left the acronym VLLC (Viva la Libertad Carajo) painted on the wall. The broadest repudiation is necessary and is one more reason to mobilize massively on Sunday, March 24. Denialism accompanies a savage economic adjustment plan. It must be defeated: the CGT must urgently call for a national strike and a plan of struggle.

The National Network of HIJOS reported that a member of its organization suffered a violent attack in the last few hours. In a statement they reported that two individuals waited for her at her home, where they tied her up, beat her and sexually abused her.

The statement also points out that it is a political attack and that “these events have a clear correlation with the actions and hate speeches of the country’s highest authorities. From the National Children’s Network we demand the immediate clarification of the fact by the judiciary and we hold the National government responsible.”

It is necessary the immediate clarification and active repudiation of this attack. We must fill the streets of the entire country again this Sunday, March 24when 48 years have passed since the genocidal coup.

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As soon as this news became known, expressions of repudiation of such an event began.

To confront and defeat these fascist sectors it is necessary develop all the fighting strength of the working class and the poor people. The denialist discourse accompanies the savage economic adjustment plan. You have to defeat him. The CGT and the CTA have to put aside speculation and call for a national strike and plan of struggle until the adjustment plan is overthrown. of Milei and the big employers.

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