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The representative delegation arrived at Comodoro Py at noon, as they had agreed. Myriam Bregman, who had been working on the presentation in recent days, entered with a delegation that expressed a broad political arc of great importance to the human rights movement, as well as deputies and political leaders from the left and sectors of the Peronism. The objective was to deliver the 60,000 signatures that the petition already has for the freedom and dismissal of those detained for the repression of the protests against the Bases Law, with signatures ranging from Estela de Carlotto and Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, to the former judge Baltasar Garzón, passing through former presidents such as Rafael Correa (Ecuador) and Evo Morales (Bolivia) and artists such as Pedro Almodóvar and hundreds of renowned figures from culture, academia and politics.

There were Tati Almeida (Mother of Plaza de Mayo) and Victoria Montenegro (UxP legislator and daughter of disappeared people), who participated with Bregman in the delivery of the 60 thousand signatures to the secretary of the Court of María Servini de Cubría. Also Carlos Pisoni (HIJOS), Graciela Nadeo and Eduardo Tavani (APDH), Alejandro Marinelli (CELS), Carlos “Sueco” Lordkipanidse (EMVyJ), Alejandrina Barry (PTS-FITU legislator, daughter of missing persons), as well as other representatives of organizations historical. She was accompanied by a wide political group, with national deputies such as Eduardo Valdés, Mónica Macha, Carolina Yutrovic, from the UxP Deputies bloc, Nicolás del Caño, Christian Castillo and Rominá del Pla from the Left Front bloc, Celeste Fierro (MST), Luis Zamora (AyL).

The delegation, which showed the immense support that the cause against the criminalization of protest has already gained, was able to deliver the signatures and have a dialogue with the Secretary of the Court.

Before the judicial secretary, in addition to the delivery of signatures and the first contact that Almeida, Montenegro and Bregman had, other references also spoke.

Nicolás del Caño, deputy of the PTS-FITU, stated that “I wanted to convey to you, on the one hand, we are here, we are committed to continuing to support and request the release of the detainees who are still in that situation. And furthermore, the dismissal of all the people who were detained, that is, the concern that has had both national and international repercussions in the signatures that we gave them, is given precisely because a right to protest has been visibly violated. There are most of the videos that circulate on the networks of people who were detained for no reason. So we are very concerned that this will happen again. I tell you this as, in addition, a person who, on many occasions, being in demonstrations, who was particularly attacked, other deputies were also attacked in this mobilization, but permanently, and that is a sign that worries us greatly, which is violating the right to protest. And what we conveyed to her was precisely that we gave her the signatures so that the doctor knows that there are deputies, well, representatives of Human Rights, deputies, legislators, who are going to accompany the due process, let’s say, that is what we ask for, justice”.

Celeste Fierro, from the MST, pointed out that “for us it has been very important, first, to thank you for receiving us, for being aware of the broad solidarity that was called for the freedom of the detainees, to insist again for the five detained. Also that we understand that they could carry out the process in freedom and we are very concerned about the conditions in which they are, that is why we believe it is important that this is also transmitted, because it is a way and we understand in political terms and not so much legal terms that it is a way to instruct because and that is what we can afford today, a right that is the right to protest is being put at risk. And in this government, going out to protest seems to be a crime, so we believe it is necessary to also convey this concern first about the causes, this cause for the comrades who are free and also those who are detained, has many points that we understand should be released and would not have to be prosecuted.”

Eduardo Tavani, from the Permanent Assembly for Human Rights, addressed the secretary to point out that “on Friday we asked for a meeting with Judge Servini, they agreed to answer us, I say this on behalf of the Table of Human Rights Organizations, we hope for that meeting, I hope you can enable us next week so that the table can come to chat with her and raise some questions that have to do with a fundamentally humanitarian view regarding the detainees who have been released and those who are still in prison. . The other is that we need contact, the possibility because we also have a function in that line with a mechanism armed and oiled for a long time with the Federal Penitentiary Service and we enable visits from the Permanent Assembly so that all family members, friends, acquaintances can approach us. to visit them, to see them in the prison.”

Finally, Romina Del Pla, national representative for PO-FITU, added that “I want to convey this concern, because all of us have seen that the arrests are completely arbitrary. Precisely in the reading of the release ruling it has been very strongly stated that the evidence that is being taken are the statements of the City Police and the authorities. A great concern, because we are precisely starting from the basis that there is a level of arbitrariness in the arrests, in the assembly of the arrests, in the justification that if a large part of the evidence is really going to be followed only by those statements we are going to really be in serious trouble. to allow this concern, because it seems to me that it is a key issue.”


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