The virtual meeting lasted about two hours. Kristalina Georgieva spread a favorable message on her social networks. The president-elect promised in his campaign a much harsher adjustment than Massa implemented. We must prepare in every place of work and study to face the attacks that will come.

The week ended with gestures from the International Monetary Fund in favor of Javier Milei. This Friday night they talked for about two hours. Virtual communication served to show closeness.

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Kristalina Georgieva, head of the IMF, spread it favorably on her social networks. From Freedom Advances They stated that “the Fund was collaborative in finding the structural solutions that Argentina needs.”

Said in Creole, They began to discuss the conditions of a very harsh adjustment that will fall on the working people. As the now president-elect said during the campaign, a much harsher adjustment than the one implemented by the Frente de Todos government through Sergio Massa.

In her message on networks, Georgieva noted that “the IMF is committed to supporting efforts to lastingly reduce inflation, improve public finances and increase growth led by the private sector.” Milei, for her part, had already ratified that course of adjustment throughout the week that ended. In several interviews with friendly journalists he had stated that the adjustment was necessary to comply with debt payments.

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The adjustment ordered by the IMF

He agreement signed with the IMF implies the subordination of the national economy to the mandates of that international organization. It implies for Argentina to follow the orders that come from the US, which have brought about an adjustment on working people. A adjustment that means inflation, impoverishment and reduction of public spending in essential areas.

In fact, it was the same Monetary Fund that scheduled with Sergio Massa the devaluation that took place on August 14, after the STEP. This devaluation skyrocketed the prices of essential products, such as food. The same agreement with the IMF has been inflationary since its approval, in March 2022, with the votes of Together for Change and a large part of Peronism.

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