Milei’s chainsaw plan does not touch the benefits of officials or the caste, but it does touch the sources of work for thousands of state employees who have been in office for years. Since the layoffs began, the organization and response has been given dependency by dependency. And this Friday, a joint ATE march and event was held at the doors of the Ministry of Economy, which had to overcome the obstacle of a mega police operation. Every day that passes it becomes evident that the anti-picket protocol is not for traffic but simply to prohibit social protest.

Delegations from different departments arrived at the event, fired, employees and hired arrived with their flags from the internal meetings and with signs stating that “We are not chaste, nor gnocchi”. The disappointment of losing one’s job turned into anger and organization, while the government not only lays off massively, but acts with immoral viciousness. The officials leading the layoffs are from large economic corporations that benefit from the Government plan. As in the case of the Secretary of Labor where officials respond to billionaire Paolo Rocca’s Techint Group. A contribution to guarantee the advancement of labor reform against workers’ rights.

The event had as speakers the general secretaries of ATE Nacional, Capital and Province of Buenos Aires, Rodolfo Aguiar, Daniel Catalano and Claudio Arevalo, respectively. While from the bases the demand for a national strike resounded, once again.

This act arose from an agreement between the leaders of the ATE sections, endorsed in plenary sessions of delegates these days. So much so that unity was not achieved between the leadership of the national Green and the Green and White of Capital, which are facing disputes unrelated to the workers. “This common and unified march cannot stop here. “It must be the beginning of a unity to face the layoffs that we must impose with common base assemblies, organizing the laid off who must be the protagonists of this fight and in a plenary session of common delegates open to activism.”Leonardo Amendola, delegate of the Secretary of Labor and the Marrón Clasista, told us.

The Secretary of Labor took the proposal voted on in a march assembly on the Techint offices to clearly point out that behind the Milei government are the most concentrated economic groups in the country that intend to unload the crisis on the workers with layoffs, inflation and eliminated labor rights. At the event, the General Secretary of ATE took the proposal “Now it is necessary to build this new march against Techint, it cannot remain just words” Leonardo stated.

While the Brown Group and independents call for an assembly United against layoffs an assembly event to unite dismissed people and activists who see in the unity of all the combative and anti-bureaucratic groups and sectors the way to gain strength to impose a true plan of struggle until achieving the reincorporation of all. And advance in the necessary coordination, while the union leaders keep us divided, with all the other sectors attacked by the Milie government. Like Telam, Aerolíneas Argentinas, teachers, among others and join the neighborhood assemblies, women’s movement, human rights movement, students and retirees to impose on the CGT and both CTA a new National Strike that is the beginning of defeating the chainsaw and blender plan of the government of the cuddly kitten of economic power.


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