The acting President of the Government has called on the European socialists visiting Spain to attend “in real time” the defeat of “the reactionary proposal of PP and Vox.” “That defeat had its electoral expression on July 23 and this week it will be consummated in parliament,” he said.

Pedro Sánchez, who did not intervene at any time during the parliamentary debate of the first investiture vote of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has announced to his colleagues in the European Parliament that, once the defeat of the right is complete, it will be the turn to face his own investment. “Spain is preparing to repeat this progressive coalition government in a short time. “That is the mandate of the social majority that was expressed at the polls,” he assured.

Sánchez has defined the current situation as “a duel between reactionary extremism and the social and democratic response” because, he said, the traditional right has been “parasitized” by the extreme right and has assumed its postulates.

“This is how things stand after the surrender of the traditional right to the postulates of the extreme right. Either social democracy prevails or a reactionary wave prevails and that would be the beginning of the end of the European Union as we live, think and feel it,” he warned.

The leader of the PSOE has described the role of Alberto Núñez Feijóo during the investiture as that of a “failed candidate” and has presented his coalition formula as the only alternative for the governability of Spain.

Yolanda Díaz: “Sánchez is going to be president again”

The acting second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, shared this Thursday the optimism of the socialist leader. “Mr. Sánchez is going to be president again, we are going to form a new government that is going to continue gaining citizens’ rights,” he said in statements to the press after meeting with the union leaders of CCOO and UGT, Unai Sordo and Pepe Alvarez.

“I want to give you all the optimism in the world and hope because what you voted for on June 23 is going to come true. They voted freely and joyfully and gave us a democratic lesson. They told us that they had won before voting and the citizens knew very well the value of their vote,” Díaz said when asked about the negotiations with the socialists. “I want to thank the people who went out to vote even though it was July and we were coming from elections that had caused some depression in the people. Mr. Sánchez is going to be president again, we are going to form a new government that will continue to gain citizenship rights,” she insisted.

The leader of Sumar has asked for “discretion” regarding conversations with the Socialist Party and with the rest of the parties that must support Sánchez’s investiture but has reiterated that there will be a government soon. “I give you the good news that we are going to have a new progressive coalition government. We are looking forward to this investiture arriving now,” she said.


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