This noon, at a press conference, Omar Maturano announced that the train strike continues until midnight. The general secretary of La Fraternidad indicated that the new salary offer made is “a lack of respect.” This had been made known in a meeting that took place in the morning: it implies an increase of 12%a ridiculous figure compared to current inflation and well below what was requested by the union.

Furthermore, Maturano He again criticized the national government for not having dictated mandatory conciliation. With that speech he seeks to hold the ruling party responsible for the measure of force, at the same time shows his lack of combativeness.

The bureaucratic union leader also denounced that “they disrespected us again as they disrespected the CGT. Private businessmen were not there. Only government officials. The Fraternity did not accept the agreement. We remain available for Tuesday of next week.” In addition, he clarified that “because we have not applied mandatory conciliation, we continue the force measure until midnight today.”

Maturano rejected the threats that presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni had launched this morning., speaking of “consequence” for the unions that stopped. “The consequences for the workers were always negative. I do not know what he’s talking about. If these consequences can be dismissals or come against an institution like The Fraternity, it seems to me that he is urinating out of the jar. “We are used to this.”

Even with his conservative speechMaturano pointed out a truth during the conference. The CGT is letting isolated salary conflicts run, when what it is about is uniting them. “Let’s hope that the CGT begins to organize the fight and that this does not get out of hand. That each union does not begin to take forceful measures,” he added.

The bureaucratic railway leader does not think about how to develop the strength of the working class as a whole as a way to defeat the bosses’ adjustment. On the contrary, sees the action of the CGT as a way to contain the harshest tendencies that can fight against the savage adjustment promoted by the Government, the employers and the IMF.


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