Photo: Mobilization against disability adjustment carried out by Sergio Massa and the Frente de Todos in 2022 in Córdoba.

Less than a month after Javier Milei took office as president of the nation, The adjustment in Disability has already started and you see the first actions of providers and workers in the sector. The Argentine Federation of Transporters for People with Disabilities (Fatradis) carry out a cessation of activities throughout the country for an indefinite period demanding “an urgent increase in tariffs.”

Fatradis It brings together about 30 thousand workers, including drivers, guards and the rest of the staff. “The increase in fuels directly impacts the provision of the service. “We had been working until December with a tariff of 272 pesos (per km) and fuel at $328 (per liter) and today we find ourselves with fuel close to $900 pesos, $1032 in the interior of the country, with the same tariff.” , he claimed Paul Bolegovice president of Fatradis in statements to Radio AM750. We are talking about the third increase in fuel prices in less than a month, which adds to the 12% increase at the end of November and the 37% increase in mid-December.

Service transportor transfer as it is also called, It is one of the disability benefitscovered by social and prepaid works, and which in turn guarantees access to other benefits, since it allows attendance at day centers, educational-therapeutic centers, rehabilitation centers and schools. They are in that situation today about 230 thousand people. Your quality of life is at risk.

Sofia is the mother of April who is 11 years old and diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She goes three times a week to a rehabilitation center in the City of Buenos Aires, where she receives various therapies: psychopedagogy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, kinesiology and psychology. Attending these treatments is key so that her quality of life does not deteriorate and they are also the necessary complement to her learning process, since mere attendance at school is not enough. To go to both sides (the school and the rehabilitation center) he needs transportation service because he cannot walk.

“Now They already told me that the transport was suspended, So this week I’m not going to go because I don’t have a car. The one she does have is her father, but because of her work schedules he can’t take her,” he tells her. Sofia a The Daily Left. “If the force measure continues, I will see how I do the rest of the month because she deteriorates very quickly without her therapies. “That happened to us during the pandemic, in 2020, and I don’t want it to happen again,” he continues.

We know that we are harming people with disabilities with these measures, but we cannot go out to work, the situation is desperate. We had a difference between the tariff and a liter of gasoline of $70, today it is more than $700,” adds Bolego. They are aware that transportation is the “key” that makes other benefits possible.

From the Permanent Forum for the Promotion of People’s Rights They warned about the seriousness of the situation through a statement in which they indicated that “the benefit rates are not in line with current inflation and services are in danger. The gap between tariff increases and increases in operating costs (salary, fuel, food and supplies) is UNSUSTAINABLE.”

It is worth remembering that the situation in which they work people in the field of Disability is extremely precarious for several reasons: they are paid three months late (in the context of a pronounced acceleration of inflation like the one we are experiencing); In the large number of cases they work as monotributistas without having any labor rights such as vacations, bonuses, social work; and they have very low income. This has been going on for many years. As has been shouted for several sectors: disability is in emergency.

Monica lives in La Plata. She is the mother of Medium, and he is the one who takes care of her and accompanies her because she is totally dependent. “During the pandemic we were left without transportation when everything was cut off. When I ordered it again, I couldn’t find a carrier.. There are many who merged and others who do not accept to work with IOMA, which is the social work we have,” he tells this medium.

The silla that uses Medium It is very big and does not fit into any vehicle. It is impossible for Mónica to transport her unless it is through special transportation. As a result of being left without a transfer, they lost their vacancy at the Center. “They blame us parents for the absences and punish us for that, for the adjustment that the State makes.”

Let’s face Milei’s adjustment and war plan

Regarding the high level of precariousness, the last governments were set up to make terrible adjustments. In 2018, Macri canceled thousands of disability pensions and humiliated those who perceived them by forcing them to provide “proof” of their disability, despite having the CUD (Unique Disability Certificate). But Government of the Frente de Todos was not left behind, when shortly after taking office Sergio Massa As Minister of Economy, he cut health funds to comply with the orders of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), particularly affecting people with disabilities.

The rights of people with disabilities and workers in that sector are being violated once. We must face Mile’s harsh adjustment plan, which is already sparking anger and rejection in various sectors of the population. Let’s organize the resistance and the general strike on January 24.


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