Elizabeth Olea, wife of Nicolás Mayorga, a UNSAM student detained in connection with the June 12 repression, spoke first. “What I know is from having contacted the prison by telephone, he told me that he was fine, in a pavilion with approximately 30 people, two of whom were detained in this same case. We spoke very little, he told me that he was better than his leg, because it worried me a lot, since when they arrested him they shot him in his right leg and well, above all, I wanted to know how he felt. He is in Marcos Paz, in a Federal Prison. I know I knew it more than anything from the companions who were with him, because Nicolás participates in a neighborhood assembly of residents of San Martín and what they told me is that it was a hunt. I spoke very little about it with Nicolás and he also confirmed it to me. This issue, that they were chased many blocks from the congress on a motorcycle and shot at. At one point, from what I know, one of the girls falls and Nicolás, trying to help her, is also detained, he is beaten and, as I told you, he also has two gunshot wounds in his body. Nicolás is 32 years old, he studies international relations at the University of San Martín, he has been working for Telefé for many years and he is also a chess player, he had a good professional career in chess.

To which the driver Juan Amorin added: “far from the criminal that the government, the prosecutor’s office and some media outlets try to dress up.”

Elizabeth: “Well, today what I said at the conference is that the criminal, terrorist acts of Nicolás de Saya and Camila are participating in popular soup kitchens, in raising money to be able to buy these elements to assemble them, in collecting clothes for the neighbors that they are having a bad time.”

Amorin: What are the accusations against Nicolás today?

Elizabeth: “Look, there are so many that I couldn’t tell you, they are serious crimes related to public intimidation. What the lawyer told me is that they were throwing the penal code over their heads and without having any reliable proof of such serious accusations.
Nicolás is a ‘terrorist’, who has a son who yesterday could not see his father on Father’s Day, a terrorist who is at home every day and who participates in the assembly in his free time, which is few.” .

Juan Amorín then interviewed Claudia Aledaños, Saya Lyardet’s lawyer, also a UNSAM student. Saya, along with Nicolás and Camila, who is another of the detainees, the girls are in the Ezeiza prison, we are talking about six female students and workers. Among them is Ramona, a very old woman, a domestic worker. The truth is that Ramona’s case also draws powerful attention. She called herself to mobilize on Wednesday and at that time she was detained by the police. Her arrest occurred very far from the vicinity of Congress. Saya is 24 years old, she works on the deliberative council of José Ce. Paz, she is a Communication student. Just like Nicolás, she has a social activism, she has lived in the same place for many years. On Thursday I just managed to see them, this also needs to be reported and told, since they are detained at 6 in the afternoon, they are kept in a cellular truck going around the city, only the next day they are taken down at the mayor’s office. 15 in a hallway without water, without a bathroom, in totally undignified conditions.

Rimigio Ocampo, street vendor, detained while working and one of those released: “the truth is that we did nothing, we were selling empanadas and we were approximately a block and a half from Congress when the repression began. We left, we all set up the stall we had and we ran until we were gone. When I went to look for the bottle, that’s when approximately 20 of them came, first they grabbed me, they threw me to the floor, they stepped on my head, my back, it was something terrifying and well, that’s when they stopped me. , they put a seal on me (…) they mistreat you, they detain you and they took me away, then I saw that my granddaughter, my daughter and this boy Matías were arriving. They were the first four ‘terrorists’ who detained (…) They take us first to Madariaga, from there they take us at more or less two in the afternoon to Comodoro Py, after Comodoro Py they take us to 28, there they kept us for approximately 24 hours and then all the humiliation, because the truth is that They humiliate you, they mistreat you, let’s say psychologically, at all times they asked us if we belonged to any organization or what political party we were affiliated with, that was constant, until the last moment when they released us in Marcos Paz.

Claudia Aledaños: “One thing that is very important, because this must also be said, the girls have been together in a pavilion since they entered. Since last night the Penitentiary Service interviewed each of them, making a profile of them and already telling them that starting tomorrow they were moving them to the common pavilion and separating them. This must be reported because this is also totally illegal, there is no basis for that, we are talking about six working women, students, releasing them to a common pavilion, the physical risk. We are talking about them. of the majority convicted or with preventive detention. We are talking about women and workers, about students like the case of Saya with Camila who do not show them an image of them, there is no proof, but they are already interviewing them to transfer them to common wards. (…) it is overwhelming in this case, because today in Argentina it is legal to protest, it is a right to protest.”

And he added in conclusion: “it is very important that we make this visible, because they precisely went to protest, because it is a right and they were withdrawing peacefully. Today, the family members called for a rally in Plaza de Mayo tomorrow. to the citizens, since this is important because this case would be a very bad precedent for Argentina, that in this case one begins to fear going out to protest. We and all of us want to continue exercising our civil and democratic rights, to petition the authorities. when we do not agree with something, go, do, protest peacefully. Then we need everyone’s support for tomorrow and we call for solidarity with the families, which is essential, since their lives have been on pause since Wednesday. In this case we hope for their freedom very soon and that is what we are asking for.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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