At this time, the national Government is trying to accelerate the treatment of the Base Law and the Fiscal Package in the Senate, after the half-sanction that these projects obtained in the Chamber of Deputies.

He The objective is to have these regulations sanctioned as soon as possible, which do not bring any benefit to working people. (quite the opposite, they impose more adjustments such as the salary tax, eliminating the pension moratorium and the labor reform, among others) and that they fill the great economic power with benefits with the hyper-delivery regime for large investments and money laundering, among others. many other items.

Also these days, there is a mimicry of critical and semi-critical positions of different sectors of the governors, of Peronism and radicalism, which They hide an essential maneuver: Many put the focus or try to create the illusion that the Senate “corrects” some aspects of the bill that comes from Deputies. If this happens, the Law has to “return” for its treatment of the rules to the chamber of origin. It’s a big deception: As denounced by the national deputy of the PTS-Left Front Christian Castillo, “the articles of the Omnibus Law and the fiscal package that are rejected by less than 2/3 can be replaced in Deputies by a majority of those present. If the entire law is not rejected, it is a mimicry of opposition.”

In other words: all those senators who vote in favor of the laws in their general treatment but do so against some points in particular they are hiding that that is a great favor they are doing to the national government of Javier Milei and the great economic power, since they facilitate the majority of those present in the Chamber of Deputies (which already voted in favor of these adjustment and delivery laws) to sanction the norm as it came out of the Lower House. Both to Peronism -with sectors completely linked to interests such as miners or oil workers-, as well as to radicalism that is fragmented, this maneuver serves them for their own crisis. An example could be: If the senators vote against the salary tax, but that vote does not reach 48 votes (two-thirds), when the norm “returns” to deputies, this tax could be reimposed if it obtains the votes it already obtained on April 30 . It is also a central part of the deception that the labor reform, in this way, would remain standing.

The Peronist senators who say they oppose the law. They put on a combative face; There are 33 (almost half of the chamber) and some even talk about mobilizing. But they do not denounce that the radicals present partial changes and do not make mention other than in passing of how the trap that exists if the law is not dropped in its entirety. This speech allows to maintain the appearance of a “united block” even though there are differences and they respond to different employer sectors. While one sector openly defends the interests of oil companies and large mining companies, another supports the claims of market-internalist employers who question the enormous benefits granted by the RIGI (Regime of Benefits for Large Investors).

With this political location, they also act as cover for the union bureaucracies of the CGT and the CTAwho are the other actor that completes the picture: after erasing themselves from the fight and mobilization when the laws were discussed in Deputies, leaving the legislators to vote “calmly” on such attacks, they have now called for a national strike for this Thursday, May 9.

The measure, in itself, has a single objective for the bureaucracy: to be a “pressure” tool to negotiate and push for small changes with the senators. For them it is not a strike against layoffs in the State, construction and other branches. Not a strike due to free joint ventures, which confronts the government and employers’ policy of adjusting wages. It is not a strike in support of tough fights like those taking place in Sutna, the Cordoban metallurgical company WEG and other sectors. The CGT does not even question the delegation of powers that the project voted in Deputies gives to Milei. A delegation that will allow greater attacks against state workers, with more layoffs and attacks on achievements.

There are many suspicions that the CGT negotiated the labor reform with the Government. This was even explained by the libertarian deputy Ansaloni, although Héctor Daer denied it… without anyone believing him much.

But The strike has to be forceful and we must take it into our hands to demonstrate the immense social strength of the working class and build another perspective from the bases. It has to be a strong response to Milei and the adjustment of her. To the employers who support this plan. AND We must impose that we must continue with the call for another great national strike with the mobilization of hundreds of thousands towards the Senate when the laws are discussed. That is the only guarantee that the entire law will fall and defeat these reactionary attacks. It should also be a great kick on the path to building the general strike to defeat Milei’s entire plan. To impose this path, it is necessary to organize from the bases, with assemblies in each place of work, study and in each neighborhood, also coordinating the democratic and combative sectors. There are already thousands of people who are signing the petition demanding “Strike and mobilization the day the Bases and Fiscal Law is discussed in the Senate!”


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