We spoke with Jorge Liotti, editor-in-chief of the Politics section of the newspaper La Nación and author of The Last Crossroads (Planeta). What does Milei express in the evolution of the political regime of the last 40 years? The palace and the street in the midst of a historical crisis.

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“We are between what was the first impulse of emotional shock, based on the fact that he was a different figure, and that enabled him to what was the DNU, the omnibus law, all designed to corner ‘the caste’, we know that that result was unsuccessful…”.

“The government’s initial process was tortuous and did not give results. “It moved to a minimalist phase: the release of decrees and the shortening of the Omnibus law.”

“More instances of conversation were opened, although the natural problem is that Milei does not believe in the results of those dialogues, this is noticeable because nothing ever ends up coming out of the meetings, nothing is closed, and that is a major problem.”

“It is not a government plan to be based only on fiscal adjustment, so far what it is doing is a strictly fiscal plan, it gives me the impression that it is recalibrating.”

“The systematic pattern was the strong rejection of the government, and the opposition never reached 35%. If you add that, it gives you the frame of reference in which Milei makes sense.”

“If Milei was not there, some Milei would have occurred, an escape valve in the face of a society that was disconnected and very on the edge of the system.”

Listen to the full interview here

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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