Neither the leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, nor any other member of its leadership has so far condemned the acts carried out by sympathizers of the extreme right on New Year’s Eve next to the PSOE headquarters on Ferraz Street in Madrid. There, a Pedro Sánchez doll was beaten with insults and threats, who was also hanged and all kinds of blows were given by those present, around 300 people, according to the Government Delegation.

Those attending the celebration of the extreme right in front of the socialist headquarters of Ferraz, which was convened by Revuelta, an organization linked to Vox, hung a piñata doll of the President of the Government from a traffic light, represented with a Pinocchio nose, and They beat them shouting “take justice from the people, Bolshevik.” Among the shouts of those present at the time of hitting Sánchez’s doll, it was also heard that “we have to put an end to him like this” and the following proclamations were thrown at him: “Take what you deserve” and “Pedro Sánchez, son of a bitch.” .

The PSOE believes that these actions could constitute a hate crime but, for the moment, no PP leader has come out to condemn what happened. Sources from the popular leadership have sent a letter to the media in which they denounce that “the same PSOE that has just said that it does not seem wrong on a criminal level to burn photos of the King or the flag of Spain is outraged by a piñata with the face of Pedro Sánchez.”

“We do not like what happened that night and anything that does not fall within the limits of respect has our rejection and condemnation,” these sources explained. “At that rally, PP officials were also insulted extremely seriously,” they add, alluding to disqualifications that were leveled against the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida. “What does the PSOE think of the insults to Almeida by the same people who hit the piñata? And about the burning of dolls with the image of Feijóo in Galicia? And what about the burning of images of the president of the PP in the Diada?” they ask in Génova 13. “Our position is the same in all cases. Not yours,” those sources conclude.

One of the few members of the party who has spoken out on the matter this Tuesday was the deputy Rafael Hernando, but he did so to end up attacking the PSOE. “The doll in front of Ferraz is as despicable as those who pretended to guillotine Mariano Rajoy or the King,” he said in X. “The bad thing is that those who smiled in silence before and are now victims, seek to penalize their own while they decriminalize insults to the Crown, or praise ETA,” he added, alluding to the socialists.

Another leader of the PP, the ‘number two’ of the party in Madrid, Alfonso Serrano, also spoke out about the ultra New Year’s Eve in X, but he did so in response to another message from the first vice president of the Government, María Jesús Montero, who had condemned what happened and demanded explanations from the PP for its pacts with the extreme right. “The PP has always distanced itself from these actions. Meanwhile, the PSOE handed over Pamplona to Bildu with, among other benefits, a councilor CONVICTED for attacking two women. So lessons @mjmonteroc not one,” he pointed out.

From the Government of the Community of Madrid, the Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Local Administration, Miguel Ángel García Martín, has condemned the beating but has demanded that other political leaders show the same forcefulness when it comes to positioning themselves against similar actions against the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, according to the Europa Press agency. García Martín has stressed that “logically” they are against this type of actions but has stressed that they would like other politicians to do the same when it comes to images, for example, of Ayuso that “are used for spurious purposes” or when he is insulted or slandered.

“We demand that same forcefulness when other political leaders of the Popular Party, President Isabel Díaz Ayuso herself, is disqualified, her own image is used for spurious purposes and to vilify,” he insisted. For the Madrid counselor, there is “no doubt that these types of actions are far from what the normal content of any political activity should be.” “We have no problem saying that we are against the image of a person and a politician being used for these purposes. But, I insist, I hope that the same forcefulness is also manifested when the image of other political leaders such as President Isabel Díaz Ayuso is used,” he stressed.

Tackle “verbal and physical escalation”

Patxi López, for her part, has used an interview on TVE to define Sunday’s scenes as “a violent act, full of hatred” and for which they will try “to bring those responsible to justice.” “We must stop this verbal and physical escalation at its roots because, if not, what will happen next?” asked Patxi López, who has warned about the drift of the extreme right. “How far are you willing to go?”.

The PSOE spokesperson also wanted to send a message to the PP to demand that they break with those who directly or indirectly carry out this type of actions, in reference to Vox. “We ask political leaders to stop fueling these actions,” he claimed before adding: “We ask the PP to break any ties with the people who cause or carry out these events. “They have not yet come out to condemn what happened.”


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