The Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, is going to spend a month hiding the regime under which she enjoys a luxury penthouse located just above the apartment where she lives with her partner, Alberto González Amador. The penthouse is in the name of the company Babia Capital SL, whose main owner Jorge Carlos Pablos Alonso, a hospitality businessman connected in turn to the director of Quirón who promoted the commission of two million euros that Alberto González Amador pocketed during the pandemic.

Along with the existence of the luxury penthouse, revealed that the ownership of the property corresponds 100% to Babia Capital SL. This company is currently managed by Javier Luis Gómez Fidalgo, the prosecutor who represented González Amador during the Tax Agency investigation. New documentation in the possession of this media reveals that the main owner of Babia Capital SL, and therefore of the penthouse, is Jorge Pablos, as the hotelier Jorge Carlos Pablos Alonso is known in León.

The fact that only Jorge Pablos appears as a shareholder of Babia Capital SL may respond to the fact that the Law only requires making public the ownership of whoever owns at least 25% of a company. has contacted Pablos, but the businessman has limited himself to answering that he is not “the only” owner of the company in whose name the penthouse is.

When asked if the prosecutor Gómez Fidalgo who represented Ayuso’s couple in the Treasury investigation is another of the owners, the hotel businessman responded by hanging up the phone. This medium has sent him a written form with several questions to which Pablos has not responded. Among those questions is one about the regime under which Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Alberto González Amador enjoy the luxury penthouse. Babia Capital SL acquired the property in July 2023, around the time Ayuso and her partner moved to the floor below.

Since then, the president of Madrid and her partner have been using both, as this editorial team has been able to verify.

When the Leonese company bought the penthouse located on the seventh floor, its owners knew months ago that the Madrid president and her partner were going to live right below. Alberto González Amador deeded the purchase of the home on the sixth floor in July 2022, but did not go to the Property Registry until May 2023, once the last regional elections had been held. Forty-eight hours after registering the purchase of the home, Babia Capital SL bought the penthouse on the seventh floor.

The luxury penthouse has a gross constructed area of ​​176 square meters, just a few less than the home below listed in the name of Alberto González Amador. The attic is divided into 155 meters of housing and another 21 meters of common elements, according to the Cadastre. This additional home for Ayuso and her partner has five bedrooms – three identical, one larger and one “service” –, a main bathroom and a smaller one, two hallways – one main and one smaller – and a large terrace on in which the Madrid president and the alleged fraudster have placed a Spanish flag, visible from the street.

When this medium asked the president’s team about the luxury penthouse, the only answer they got was that the president does not pay rent for that or any other home currently. While Díaz Ayuso has publicly referred to the house below, the one in the name of her partner, the president remains completely silent about the attic, without at any time denying that she or her team enjoys of the.

The couple uses this second luxury home, as this editorial has been able to verify, to receive visitors, at dinners and other meetings, and has dedicated a part to enabling it for practicing sports, according to sources familiar with the activity in the property. These same sources rule out that the couple has carried out works to connect the house in the name of González Amador with the one listed in the name of the hotel businessman. Between the two apartments, González Amador and Díaz Ayuso enjoy more than 384 square meters in the Chamberí district. The market price of both houses is around 2.8 million euros.

First vertex in León: Fernando Camino, director of Quirón

Having verified the different properties that appear in the records of both homes, the question that arises is what or who connects Jorge Pablos, who appears as the owner of the company that owns the penthouse, with González Amador and Díaz Ayuso, and what relationship unites them to that the couple is in a penthouse whose market value is around 1.6 million euros. The answer must be found in León. There emerges in the plot Fernando Camino, president of Quirón Prevention, a subsidiary of the healthcare giant that becomes the main company benefiting from the “public-private collaboration” policy of the Government of the Community of Madrid in healthcare matters.

According to sources in the sector, Fernando Camino – a resident of the Leonese capital – met González Amador a decade ago, when both worked in the field of mutual insurance companies. Camino is the manager who has opened the doors to Ayuso’s partner in the Quirón Group’s health consultancy. Over the last few years, Camino has also provided Alberto González with a company (without employees) through which to invoice the healthcare giant – an operation investigated in court – and had previously established the firm in the tax haven of Panama with the one that González Amador operated until a few weeks before the Treasury began the investigation into his assets, in May 2022.

But above all, Fernando Camino is co-owner of the company that enabled Alberto González Amador to pocket two million euros for a single intermediation in the purchase and sale of medical supplies during the pandemic. That commission is at the origin of the case for tax fraud and falsification of documents against Ayuso’s partner: he generated income for which González Amador later did not want to pay the Treasury what he was entitled to.

On one side of the business that propelled González Amador’s career was the Catalan firm FSC Select, which gave the commission agent 4.5% of the 42 million euros in masks purchased by the Galician Mape. It so happens that Fernando Camino – director of Quirón, partner and friend of Alberto González – is also a director and co-owner of Mape, as revealed on Monday.

The other two vertices in León: the fiscal and the hotelier

Once Fernando Camino is located, it is necessary to refer to a second protagonist of the Leonese side of the business plot, Javier Luis Gómez Fidalgo. This prestigious prosecutor appears as the representative of Alberto González Amador before the Treasury inspection that led to a complaint from the Prosecutor’s Office. Gómez Fidalgo also counts Fernando Camino among his clients. It is not the only link they maintain: in May 2022, when the Tax Agency’s inspection of Ayuso’s couple began, Javier Luis Gómez Fidalgo became administrator of Babia Capital SL, the company that owns the penthouse.

Gómez Fidalgo thus replaced Jorge Pablos, its main shareholder, in the administration of the company. In this way, the Leonese circle of the network of companies is closed, for now. Its members are quite well known in León. Pablos opened the Berlin pub in the eighties. Located in the center of the city, it had its heyday years later, with other owners. Later, businessman Pablos, now in his sixties, opened an Italian restaurant, which he called Rocco, in the popular Barrio Húmedo de León.

In addition, Jorge Carlos Pablos Alonso has been the sole partner of Proplaterías SL since 2000. This company, with hardly any activity, declares that it is dedicated to the execution of public works and constructions, the purchase and sale of real estate and “mediation and coordination in professional activities.” Apart from Proplaterías, Pablos only includes the company that owns the luxury penthouse that Ayuso uses and a couple of interventions in company liquidation processes.


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