The judge of the National Court Francisco de Jorge has opened proceedings to clarify the attack suffered last Thursday by the politician Alejo Vidal-Quadras in the vicinity of his home in Madrid. Jorge received a report from the Police about the shot in the face that an unknown person fired against Vidal-Quadras and has declared himself competent to investigate the events, investigation sources have informed A crime of attempted murder of a possible terrorist nature is being investigated.

The shooter is a man who was wearing a motorcycle helmet and who fled the scene on foot in the direction of Goya Street. The gunman turned on foot to the right down the first street and there a motorcycle was waiting for him with a rider who, according to the first testimonies collected, could be a woman, also protected by a helmet. The paramedics found Vidal-Quadras assisted by local residents, conscious and lying in a large pool of blood. The doctors told the Police that Vidal-Quadras himself pointed out to the Iranian regime

The politician lives a few meters from where he was shot, in the heart of the Salamanca district, a wealthy area of ​​the capital. He was returning from playing sports in a tracksuit when he suffered the attack. Scientific Police agents worked on the ground until early afternoon, when the police cordon was lifted.

In the afternoon, a motorcycle appeared on fire in Fuenlabrada. Investigators are trying to determine if it is the one that has been used by the authors by reviewing the neighborhood’s security cameras, work that continued on Friday morning. That motorcycle, investigation sources have confirmed to, has been used by an individual who has a search and arrest warrant from the French authorities. The sum of evidence that it is the motorcycle that was used to escape the attack on Vidal-Quadras has strengthened the thesis of an attempted murder for hire.

Magistrate De Jorge, head of the Central Court of Instruction number 1 of the National Court, acts in place of Santiago Pedraz, head of court 5, to whom the investigations correspond, because he is enjoying paternity leave. Jorge, the National Court reports, is waiting for a court in Plaza de Castilla, which had opened proceedings for attempted murder, to rule on jurisdiction.

The bullet entered through the victim’s right cheekbone and exited through the left cheekbone. Vidal-Quadras was bleeding profusely when the health services arrived and he was conscious. The shooter used a small caliber and shot Vidal-Quadras from the side. According to the first medical report, the former politician “has a double jaw fracture and will undergo surgery.” Furthermore, from the hospital he explained that he was “in a stable situation and without life-threatening risk.”

The founder of Vox who ended up facing Abascal

Vidal-Quadras (Barcelona, ​​1945) was at the head of the Popular Party of Catalonia between 1991 and 1996 and then joined the ranks of the party in the European Parliament from 1999 to 2014. That year he left the party then chaired by Mariano Rajoy and joined the party. He incorporated a newly created Vox amid criticism of his previous party. He was elected provisional president of Santiago Abascal’s party although he resigned shortly after.

Alejo Vidal-Quadras played a key role in the birth of the far-right party that he left shortly after. As the journalist Miguel González published in his book “Vox SA”, the former leader of the Catalan PP contributed the first million euros with which Vox emerged, from the Iranian Resistance Council. He then stated that he had given them his support during his time in the European Parliament so that they would stop being considered a terrorist organization by the US and that the money came as a thank you.

He founded Vox showing his disagreements with the PP and also left Vox amid disagreements shortly after leading the list to the 2014 European elections. That year, while Podemos and Ciudadanos burst onto the national political board, Vox narrowly missed out on a seat in the European Chamber, giving way to several years of political insignificance.

Since leaving the party, Vidal-Quadras has criticized Santiago Abascal’s leading role on several occasions: “The gibberish about Soros, globalism and the EU sounded quite absurd,” he said in 2020 during the failed motion of censure led by the party. . “Abascal knew about the financial support of Iranian opponents for Vox and it seemed fine to him,” he said a year before.


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