Memecoins are completely hot and happening again, especially on the Solana blockchain. Not long ago, a new category emerged with Political Finance (PoliFi) memecoins. Among those new memecoins is Donald Tremp and we have to admit that these memes are quite funny.

Although that of course says nothing about the performance of the coins, which ultimately have no fundamental value.

The rise of PoliFi memecoins

Several politically themed tokens have been launched on Solana in recent weeks. Each one is based on the Spoderman meme, a poorly drawn version of Spiderman on MS Paint. Donald Tremp is a “version of Donald Trump” with a personal problem.

Meanwhile, we already have Donald Tremp, Jeo Boden and Elizabeth Whoren. Donald Tremp was born on February 28 and was worth a fraction of a cent in the beginning. Since then, the token has shot up to 63 cents and now has a price of 25 dollar cents on the boards.

This gives it a market cap of more than 20 million dollars. The token is held by more than 20,000 individuals. Interestingly, the developer of the project disappeared quickly after the launch of the token.

Not long after, the pseudonymous B took over in what we call a “community takeover” within the crypto space.

Who is this mysterious B?

B is a woman who lives in the United Kingdom and works in the tech world. She sees the battle between the tokens as a kind of “election” on the blockchain.

“I think a crypto election at the time of a real election is something we’ve never seen before in this world,” said the mysterious B. Although she is a Trump supporter, she indicates that the project is not about partisanship , but to have memes, community and fun.

B believes Trump has the support of the crypto community because Democrats want to impose more taxes on crypto. What’s completely bizarre about this woman? “I quit my real job to focus on TREMP,” she said.

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