Days before the federal university march, the alliances for the student elections at UNC closed. Meanwhile he university Kirchnerism, SUR and La Mella They fill their mouths with the defense of the public university, They formed an alliance with the ALA groupwhat replied Presidente Milea. The acronym ALA stands for Alberdi Liberal Group.

According to the minutes show, The front presents itself as an alliance “The Student Force” and is made up of the groups “La Bisagra”, “Movimiento Sur”, “La Mella”, “Juventud Universitaria Peronista”, “UEU”, “ALA”, “ Estudiantes al Frente and “EIO”.

Presentation La Fuerza (1) by La Izquierda Diario

Van allies to those who defend the denialism of the dictatorshipto those who maintain that the fight for diversity rights is indoctrination, to those who deny climate change, to those who campaign for the dismissal of thousands of state workers, who take the bread out of the mouths of retirees. The same ones who are carrying out a harsh adjustment in public education.

¿They will say that they join forces with libertarians to “confront the right”? Is it a front to defeat “fascism”? The only thing that counts for groups like La Bisagra SUR, La Mella, is getting some work, living in the inmates and negotiations between officials. Behind these groups there are no convictions, none of their words are believed. They always end up integrated into the conservative Peronism of Córdoba, guiltily defending Llaryora, selling to the highest bidder. That is why this alliance does not seem casual or surprising to us, although it can help thousands of students see their true face.

There is nothing more politically “caste” than forming an alliance with the neoliberal extreme right just for a little charge. We students must reject this mercenary logic: “if you don’t like my principles, I have others.”

This electoral alliance is also explained if we see the role that these groups have been playing in the framework of the university conflict. Both SUR and La Bisagra run student centers and have not taken initiatives to organize students, without any plan to confront the attack on public education, not to mention having some type of solidarity with the workers who suffer the adjustment. These groups have long been integrated into the PJ of Córdoba and the government of Lllaryora, one of the main guarantors of Milei’s adjustment. YesWhat can those surprised by the growth of the ultra-right do? in the last presidential elections, but if Milei can advance his plan it is because he has accomplices among the governors, the union leaders and also among the student groups.

To confront this government Greater unity of action is necessary as we will do this April 23 taking over the streets of the entire country, but it is also necessary to know who is who among the student groups that claim to fight against the adjustment, to promote these necessary debates in the grassroots assemblies, in the courses. Because to overthrow this plan supported by the large national and foreign economic groups, grassroots organization is needed, unity with the workers who fight against adjustment, but also the total political independence of the university authorities and the groups that want to negotiate our rights and our fight at the electoral table.

it’s 23 From the Youth of the PTS together with several assemblies of the UNC we mobilize against the adjustment to the university budgetbut also against all of Milei’s plan. We reject the “May Pact” that he is preparing together with radicals and Peronist governors like Llaryora. Against the DNU, the new Omnibus Law and the labor reform that the UCR promotes where, among other things, they take away the right of teachers to protest and defend public education; against the self-adjustment implemented by the rectorate at UNC and the attacks on SRT and non-teaching workers and for the Acquittal of the 27 students for fighting in 2018. See you in the streets!

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