A little more than two weeks after taking office, the right-wing government of Javier Miley has announced a battery of blows against the working people. The “caputazo” was joined by BOTTOM which includes a labour reform, repeal of the rental law and a series of anti-popular measures, that is, in favor of big business and the IMF. And new announcements are coming. Like the one launched this weekend against the state workers: the dismissal of those who were hired in 2023 and the renewal for only 90 days of those who have been precarious for years.

But also in a short time the first responses have awakened. On December 20 there was a demonstration who defied the anti-protest protocol of Bullrich, led by the left, combative social and union organizations. That same night the cacerolazos.

Now the CGTwhich has been passive for years in the face of the adjustment of the Front of All and proposed to “wait” for the consequences of the policy of mercy, has had to announce a series of measures. The first will be a rally in the Courts to request the unconstitutionality of the Decree. Be this Wednesday the 27th at noon. The next day a confederal committee is scheduled where representatives of the unions would discuss new actions, among which a general strike is not ruled out. But it is not confirmed either. It is clear that Peronist unionism, despite an attack that also hits it, places trust in the Judiciary. This raises two immediate problems. On the one hand, the judicial body has proven itself contrary to workers’ rights and democratic freedoms, meaning that in the best of cases it can serve as an arbitrator for a pact between employer sectors but never to tear down Milei’s plan. On the other hand, it bets more on “institutional” negotiations than on deliberation in unions and workplaces.

It is evident that the response is not up to the attack. The only confidence, the only way to defeat Milei’s plan, the AEA and the IMF, is to deploy all the strength of the working class and the oppressed sectors.

That is why combative and left-wing unionism will go to the rally to propose what it has been demanding for a long time, but now with more urgency: an active national strike and a plan of struggle until defeating the DNU, the adjustment and the protocol. That will be one of the slogans agreed upon by the convening organizations on December 20. Piqueteros organizations, leaders and delegates of combative unionism, human rights organizations and the left will be there, with the participation of the organizations of the Unity Left Front (PTS, IS, MST, PO).

The independent block will have the following instructions:

  • For an active national strike and fight plan.
  • Below the DNU, the Protocol and the Omnibus Law.
  • No to Milei and the IMF adjustment plan.
  • No layoffs.

    A war plan against working people is underway. Along with the demand for union leadership, it is important to establish, as the Movement of Classist Groups and the PTS have been proposing, spaces to organize the struggle from below: coordinators of the employed, the unemployed and sectors in struggle, together with those who promote the cacerolazos; the impulse and demand of assemblies in every union and workplace; fighting committees and the broadest unity of those who want to confront this plan and propose a solution so that the business class pays for the crisis.

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