This Friday there was a huge police operation against a demonstration of laid-off workers from different sectors such as GPS-Aerolíneas Argentinas, state agencies from different agencies.

The City Police illegally detained, against their will, nearly 1,000 workers, students, women, and members of neighborhood assemblies. The national deputies were also detained Nicolás del Caño, Myriam Bregman, Christian Castillo (PTS-FITU)who reported in the media TN, IP News, Chronicle police action.

Bregman denounced that “what regulation, what law is there that people cannot move more than ten by one, the only thing they want to do is leave, they are completely crazy.”

The representative pointed out that those who “have just lost their jobs who have been illegally fired are demonstrating. What they are demanding is reinstatement like the workers of the GPS company that alleges crisis, has fired almost 100 workers between Aeroparque and Ezeiza and came to “the Ministry of Labor to demand reinstatement to the job did not allow them to demonstrate and carry out the act that was planned, then they came here and locked them up on the sidewalk.”

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