Judge Juan Carlos Peinado has found in the ultra-Catholic organisation HazteOir the new springboard from which to push forward the case against Begoña Gómez. Despite the fact that in his latest ruling he again stressed that his investigation is limited to the “initial complaint” filed by the far-right pseudo-union Manos Limpias, this Friday he informed the wife of the President of the Government, while the court camera recorded the image and sound of the appearance, that the facts for which she is accused have been expanded with those included in a complaint that he has admitted for processing filed by HazteOir, the self-proclaimed “pro-life” organisation linked to the El Yunque sect.

By admitting the complaint of the organisation led by Ignacio Arsuaga, Peinado has now shaken off the limits imposed on his case by the Provincial Court of Madrid. The higher court warned the judge that a section of the complaint by Manos Limpias was “a hoax” from the website The Objective, another contained “conjectures” about the alleged participation of Begoña Gómez in the rescue of Air Europa, and a third included indications of a crime over which the judge has now lost jurisdiction in favour of the European Prosecutor’s Office.

The judge admitted HazteOir’s complaint in mid-June, but Begoña Gómez’s lawyer explained this Friday that, in the judge’s response to his question about the details of the investigation, he insisted on the Manos Limpias complaint.

And so it is. In an order issued four days earlier, Peinado stated: “To specify that the facts under investigation are all the acts, conduct and behaviour that have been carried out by the person under investigation, since her husband became President of the Government of Spain, which are contained in the initial complaint, excluding the facts relating to the contracts (…) financed with European funds.”

With Begoña Gómez before him, Judge Peinado made the popular accusations leave the room, read them their rights and informed them that the investigation was being extended to the complaint by HazteOir, which he said in the order of July 1 presented facts “worthy of investigation,” without further clarification.

Gómez’s lawyer said on Friday that he was unaware of the content of the complaint and its subsequent extension, and the judge agreed to suspend the appearance of the accused until July 19. In the corridors, individuals who claimed to be collaborators of the popular accusations prepared their mobile phones to capture the image of the wife of the President of the Government, despite being recorded inside the courts.

HazteOir is led by Ignacio Arsuaga, who was found in a 2014 court ruling to be a member of the Catholic extremist sect El Yunque, which was born in Mexico and is trying to infiltrate civil society through associations such as the one mentioned above, media outlets or political parties, such as Vox in the case of Spain, as documented in the podcast ‘Dios, Patria, Yunque’ by journalist Miquel Ramos.

Globalia again

The HazteOir complaint alludes to the fact that Begoña Gómez owned shares in Inmark Europa, a company where she worked until 2018. It was then renamed Adalid and, according to the complainants, has obtained public contracts, from the Ministry of Industry among others, worth 8 million euros. The HazteOir extremists said in their complaint that “the defendant’s career has been linked in recent years to the political rise of her husband”, ignoring the fact that Begoña Gómez has developed her entire career in the same field and that she arrived at that company long before her husband was secretary general of the PSOE or president of the Government.

HazteOir points out that it was in August 2018, once her husband arrived at Moncloa, that Begoña Gómez “acquired the position of director of the IE Africa Center, a center linked to the IE Business School, and which will have ties to both OMT and Globalia and Barrabés.”

Globalia is the owner of Air Europa and the rescue of this company during the pandemic was expelled from the case by the Madrid Court. With the complaint from HazteOir, the judge considers it legitimate to delve into this area. The ultras claim that Gómez presented herself in the meetings with Globalia as “the wife of the president of the Government.

On the other hand, Barrabés is the businessman with whom Begoña Sánchez shared a chair and whose public procurement is being investigated by the European Prosecutor’s Office. Judge Peinado will take his statement as a witness on July 15 by videoconference, due to his serious illness.

Source: www.eldiario.es

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